How To Tell Someone You Like Them — Without Scaring Them Off

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How To Tell A Girl Or Guy You Like Them Using Body Language & Nonverbal Communication

When you finally meet someone you like, it’s exciting. You’re ready to shout it from the rooftops and tell all your friends.

But, now comes the hard part. How do you tell this special someone that you like them without scaring them off?

It would be great if that guy or girl you like could just read your mind and that would be the end of it, right?

But while it’s unlikely they do possess telepathic powers, there are other non-verbal cues and communication skills men and women have used for millions of years you can tap into in order to express yourself.

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Nonverbal communication skills and body language can go a long way toward getting your point across and making your feelings known in a non-threatening way.

With that in mind, here's how to tell a guy or girl you like them — without scaring them off.

1. Make friendly eye contact

When you like someone, you can’t help but look at them. Eye contact has been a clear signal of attraction pretty much since time began.

Friendly eye contact lasts longer than a mere glance. It has an inquisitive feel about it that allows you to linger and hold their gaze without seeming odd or creepy.

One of the keys to getting someone to know that you like them is to show them, not necessarily tell them. Friendly, longer than normal eye contact is a great way to get the message across while maintaining a certain air of mystery (which guys and girls love).

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2. Show your teeth

The next tool in your nonverbal tool kit is your teeth, or more specifically, your smile. This is by far the easiest way to tell someone you like them — just let it show on your face.

Your smile is more than just an indicator that you like someone. It's also an indicator of your own inner happiness.

Gone are the days when dour and sour expressions were considered attractive. Your smile is definitely a green light when it comes to attraction. It signals delight, which is attractive to others.

3. Laugh with them

I would be remiss if I didn’t give you anything at all to say. Engaging in witty banter and laughing with someone are some of the best signals of attraction.

Another one that works particularly well is offering a compliment that tells someone what you appreciate about them.

You don’t have to get too serious about it. You can tell them something simple they did for you that day made you feel especially good.

Remember to keep it light, and allow laughter and playful banter to be simple gateways to letting someone know you like them.

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Making a big speech about how much you like someone runs the risk of unconsciously turning the man or woman you're interested in off.

Friendly eye contact, however, is intriguing.

Your smile is a huge indicator of your attraction. It is a nonverbal cue that has been successful for thousands of years, and it will work for you, too.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, they say. And they say it because it's true. People are attracted to you when you’re relaxed and confident around them.

Too much seriousness is often what scares guys off, in particular. If you can avoid stern looks and big speeches, your shared laughter will get you everything you want.

Everyone enjoys knowing someone likes them.

The key is remaining aware that it’s often easier and more effective to show them someone how you feel through your actions and nonverbal communication skills.

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