10 Steps To Meeting Mr. Right Online

A no-fail plan for women to succeed at online dating!

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I found my incredible husband through Online Dating so I don't shy away from it as an amazing part of your "Inbound Man Marketing Plan."

First, I'd like to tell you what I hear ALL the time. A woman says, "I tried that online dating thing. Those sites suck. All of the men on there lie about what they do for a living, and their pictures don't represent them at all. It's a horrible process." I ask, "How many dates did you go on?" They respond,  "Two."


The most important thing to remember is that you only have to get it right once.  Just once!

Here are some tips for finding your guy online:

  1. Post accurate, full body, FEMININE photos of yourself that are from within the last year and representative of you within your profile. Not professional headshots in a suit. A beautiful, up close, head shot with you SMILING warmly should be your main picture.  Research actually shows that even pictures where you look away from the camera while smiling work when attracting a man online.  I do recommend professional photos, but they should be done with dating in mind. These pictures should be everywhere else you're on the web! Your dates are going to Google you, so Facebok and Linked In should correspond with your Online Dating Profile while you're single.
  2. Ask your best girlfriends to share with you all of their favorite stories about you, so that you can write a profile that "shows" via stories and events your personality traits.  This gives potential dates an idea of what life with you would really be like and captures their interest!  Make sure your profile is not too long.
  3. Make a list of all of the Internal qualities that you're looking for in a man, and ONLY choose the top 3 non-superficial qualities to mention in your profile.
  4. Start searching out men that fit your guidelines, and be very gentle and open when it comes to assessing their photos. Try not to be superficial. This works in your favor!
  5. Try not to not correspond more than twice on email and once on the phone prior to scheduling an in person meeting.  Try not to let a week pass before scheduling that date.  Online dating can move fast!
  6. Suggest coffee or lunch for a first date, and let him choose the place. NOTE - I recommend going out to dinner when it comes to dates you've been set up on by your friends. Coffee and lunch are my suggestions for online dates because men typically pay, and many of them are exhausted regarding paying for blind dinner dates. You're just being respectful. Cocktails are also fine.
  7. Do up to 5 of these per week. I'm not kidding.
  8. Keep your first date light, fun and honest. Be authentic.
  9. If you feel like you'd like to go on a second date, tell him that, and let him schedule with you if he wishes. Don't play games! If you don't feel butterflies, but he's nice, THIS IS A GREAT THING! Don't hesitate to schedule that second date.
  10. Understand that there are some great potential husbands that are uncomfortable on first dates! Be kind and lenient when it comes to "geeky" or "puppy dog" tendencies. Aggressive, manipulative, red flag behaviors are a different story!

If you need help writing your online profile, this is one of my specialties!  There's no more important investment than finding an amazing partner to spend your life with. Good luck!!