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About Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

Everyone has potential. Everyone has dreams. Everyone has plans and desires. Not everyone takes action to reach their potential, live their dreams, and live as they desire and choose to. In fact, while most people truly want to live in a different world, they don’t know how they can actually affect the change they’d like to see, and so, they do nothing. 

iPEC Coaches are transforming clients' lives and organizations the world over with their unique talents sharpened by the Core Energy CoachingTM process – an advanced coaching method pioneered and taught only at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

iPEC is the first and still the only ICF accredited school to include in our standard curriculum all of the training needed to qualify as a Master Level Coach. Rather than merely learning how to coach, iPEC graduates experience how to be a coach and are fully prepared for a thriving practice.

If you’re ready to be the spark that ignites your life and the lives of those you live and work with, then it’s time to come to iPEC’s Life & Leadership Potentials Training, where you can create your future, now.  For more information, visit http://www.iPECcoaching.com 

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