How To Take Care Of Her Emotional Needs & Get The Sex You Desire

Satisfying a woman emotionally equals satisfying your needs as a man.

You think you’ve met the Woman of Your Dreams? Wonderful! But what’s going to keep her interested and committed to you? What makes a woman stay with a man is a simple yet often overlooked principle–meeting her emotional needs.

As primarily emotional beings, women usually claim a lack of their emotional needs being met as their biggest complaint in an unsatisfying relationship. When it comes to meeting those needs, men need to realize early on what makes their special lady’s “wish list.”

This may sound overly simplified. But it will take some work to delve into learning what her real needs are. Maybe it sounds as though women need to be catered to, or constantly acknowledged, but in reality, the more time you put into meeting her emotional needs, the more time she will undoubtedly spend on meeting your needs–especially your physical ones!

The Woman of Your Dreams wants you to be the Man of Her Dreams! She yearns for you to care about her desires, her hopes and her fears. She needs you to be a friend that can hold her and tell her you have her back in whatever fearful situation she may face. Nothing is more of a turn-on than when a man listens intently, acknowledges what he’s heard and perhaps offers some words of wisdom on the perplexing subject. Women want to be heard and noticed. By meeting her emotional needs, you’re preparing her heart to want to offer itself more willingly and with more frequency. You’re creating a safe environment in which she can feel emotionally satisfied, which, in turn, will increase her desire to be more aware and more excited to meet your needs.

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By addressing her emotional needs, you will be showing her that you’re more interested in her as an individual and going beyond just caring about her body. You’re showing her that you care about who she is and what she’s all about. This type of bonding encourages a woman to think of you as more than just someone with whom to eat dinner or to have as a casual date. This kind of action on your part helps her feel she can trust you, and with more trust, there’s more desire to please you in a physical way–because, deep down, most women love to please their man. We want to meet your needs and by developing a good, strong bond, you will allow a woman to feel more available and more interested in sharing herself with you.

Being physical is easy if you’re mutually attracted to each other, but having her satisfy your needs because she appreciates you and wants to show you that she wants you in her life, well…that’s golden.

Think about the time and effort you put into your job. When you’ve proven yourself to your boss, he or she is more likely to trust you with greater responsibility and probably consider you for that promotion you’ve been eyeing. If you’re just like the rest of the bunch, doing what you need to do and not stepping up with greater investments of your time and attention, that promotion’s going to go to the other guy, the one who consistently brings his all to the table.

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