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Why Relationships Change From Hot To Cold So Fast

Unfortunately, the answer is a definite yes. When two people fall in love quickly and a few months later want to break up, they have experienced what is known as a 'crash and burn' relationship. It is characterized by initial enthrallment giving way quickly to feelings of distaste or doubt. This type of relationship occurs much more frequently than one would suppose.

There are five different phases to the dating process. The first of these is known as the 'infatuation phase' which lasts anywhere from a few days up to twelve weeks. During this period a romance that seemed very attractive at the start may take on a different hue as the new couple spends time together and begins to learn what the other is like.

When two people first meet and feel strong chemistry, they often try and make themselves out to be the person they think the other expects them to be. The problem is the masquerade can't go on forever. At some point, within the first three months of togetherness, the disguise crumbles and one's true personality begins to emerge.

As this happens little habits that irritate, lifestyle choices deemed unacceptable and differences in relationship desires and needs all begin to emerge. Along the way a formerly enchanted partner may discover there are more things that now 'turn them off' than initially 'turned them on.'

However, rejection is not always truly the person who is now in disfavor. Many times someone excitedly enters into a romance, drawn by a sense of need or chemical lust, only to discover that they were not ready to be getting so serious, or, for that matter, be in any relationship at all.

This may be due to past relationship disappointments, negative life experiences, loss of a beloved former partner, fear of losing independence or other reasons which have nothing to do with the person whom they are currently dating.

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