Why Black Men Date Outside Of Their Race:A Mathematical Breakdown

Black Men are in shortage, because many are invisible to American Black Women.

Why Black Men Date Outside of Their Race

How To Get the man of your dreams.com has decided to tackle one of the toughest and most controversial subjects of our century, with a solution and explanation through mathematical and economic deductive reasoning.

It is purely a mathematical equation. If you talk to 100 black women and get one decent one, and you talk with 100 white women and get twenty decent women, it just makes mathematical and economic sense to date the women with whom you would have spent the most amount of time and had the least financial burden. Many black women would yell out, that’s because white women are easy! We respectfully disagree, especially regarding Swedish white women in America; ask Tiger Woods about his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren. They are anything but easy and are as tough as black women, mainly because they have no idea they’re white. Being white is an American ideology and culture. So, let’s begin with the first equation; let’s do the simple math, 100 dates, 100 dinners, 100 checks, (plus interests and fees if using a credit card), 100 tips and no guarantees. You’ll be lucky to get a thank you, and at the end of it all may have one real prospect. What would you do? Who would you date? Many young American black women are broken, mentally, spiritually and financially. Do the math. If more black men dated outside of their race they would actually own more assets, houses, possibly stocks and be able to cover the basics like health and life insurance, (which would cut police brutality against the black man practically in half, because they would not be constantly spending their hard earn dollars on woman after woman trying to find a good one. Racism exists partly because most young black men do not have expensive life insurance policies if they have one at all. We all agree that when a black man finds a good American black woman there is nothing more beautiful, but look at the effort that it takes to find that one. It makes no economic sense.


Now, you take the same equation, flip it around and take 100 white women, the odds are that you will find 20 out of that 100. Many black women would disagree with this, because they are not dating themselves; they only see it from their perspective. Why is it that when you go to dinner with a black woman, 9 times out of 10 she will never leave a tip? Why does the white or Asian woman offer or leave a tip? They all have jobs. Why is it when you go to the club and buy a black woman a drink she will take the drink and walk off like you are nothing? Why is it that the white or Asian woman will buy you a drink? The drink the black woman walked off with was $10, which is a little more than the equivalent of an average man’s hourly wages, or 1/8 of his work day and 9 times out of 10 the black woman got in the club free. What would you do? Who would you date? Why is it that you have to be in a Mercedes, BMW or Bentley just for her to give you some attention? Why do you have to wear a Rolex, the best clothes, the best shoes in order for her to be nice to you? Have you ever looked across the table at a white woman and the man she is dating? He can be the bummest dresser, he may even be driving an old car, but she is sitting right there up under his arm. Black people did this in the 60’s and early 70’s, and we had more love and unity. But, today it is not good enough for the majority of American black women. Today you have to keep up with the Jones’s or you get no action.


A high desire for material possessions is not just limited to the black race, but it’s spirit dominates the American black woman. Every man, especially black men, know the key to getting into a black woman’s pants is through money and success. The basics are: nice car, nice clothes, and at bare minimum his own apartment. All of these are depreciating assets, but these are the prerequisites to obtaining the woman of his desire. The majority of black men focus on these goals, not because they want it for themselves, but because they have to have it in order to attract the American black woman. This is why less black men own homes, and look for the quickest route to the money. They desire to become rappers, athletes or drug dealers, all because they know money brings a black woman, and try to find the quickest way to obtain it so they can get the prize. The majority of black men in jail are there because they were trying to obtain the riches to please this very same woman and failed. They often took the path of least resistance to reach their goals, which ultimately equals less black men in college. In fact, every race knows money attracts an American black woman, including our large department stores such as Macy’s, Target, Marshalls, Nordstrom’s, etc, and the list goes on. Indeed, the entire American economy knows that black women in America spend the most money, period. This also relates to the American black population in general, including President Obama’s past campaign spending, being the first black president. 

He indeed broke the campaign spending record.  There are purposely more stores for women and the biggest of all consumers’ is the American black woman, followed by the American black man trying to please that woman.                          

The biggest of all consumers are women. It doesn’t just apply to black women but all races. But the biggest consumer of women is American black women. Therefore they have the most desire for money and the least practical means to generate it. Their desire for money matched with the fact that most black people do not have access to money has sucked true love and common sense right out of the black race. The “Spirit of Materialism”, dominates the woman who is the biggest spender and consumer of goods and services.

We’re not talking about every single American black woman as there are still some good black women in America (Proverbs 31), but between cable TV, BET, MTV, CNN, clubs and videos, most have been programmed not to love and support their black men. Black women desire the love they see on popular television shows such as “Friends”, without realizing their actions are contrary to the results they desire. The truth is a lot of black men end up with women from other races because these women were nice to them and accepted them for who they are and their current status in life. My name doesn’t have to be Snoop Dog for the White, Asian, or Hispanic woman to say hello and be nice to me. I didn’t have to be 7 ft tall with an NBA contract or be a rapper named Lil Wayne. If you took Lil Wayne and made him a regular, normal person without the name, he would get no play. American black women would tell him....To continue to read this article please go to:http://www.howtogetthemanofyourdreams.com/datingadvice/why-black-men-date-outside-of-their-race-a-mathematical-breakdown/


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