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Stand By The Man Of Your Dreams

Stand by the MOYD–show yourself approved and leave no doubts that you are the one.
When your man, or prospective man, is down on his luck, this is an opportune time to strike; to have his back and show him who you really are. Show him what the “S” on your chest stands for.

You can swoop in on any and all competition with this one critical move. A woman can be lingering in a man’s life for years, but if she cannot be his strength when he is down, he will pass her up in his mind as if she were standing still. By default, you will gain his ultimate respect and get the victory. The key is that your giving must be real. Expect nothing in return. Your actions will create a win-win scenario. You will become his inspiration and the light of his life. Standing by your man is a basic principle often forgotten in our modern “ it’s-all-about-me” world, but when executed can become your greatest advantage.

Supporting the man of your dreams when he is at his lowest point is a principle, if embedded in your mind, body and soul, will cement the foundation of your relationship forever. Most people run when trouble or hard times come. Hard times will come for every single human being on planet Earth one day, whether it is the passing of a relative or health or financial problems. Even the super- rich have no control over their ability to live or die. A woman who runs away from problems is missing that internal characteristic that the man of her dreams is seeking when hard times come.

Believe it or not, he is just as afraid as you are. Many men have been taught by society to hide their true feelings. No matter what he says or does, believe that he needs your support to make it through those tough times. He needs to hear those five magic words, “You can do it, baby” []. He needs to hear you say that he can make it through this storm. This is true relationship-building, and the material that a true woman, wife and soulmate is made of. It is no different from placing yourself in his shoes and asking yourself how you would want to be treated if you were in the same situation. Would you want him to tell you to suck it up, or would you want him to have compassion? If you find yourself struggling with what to do, always ask yourself how you would want him to treat you if lost your job or were facing a health issue. Would you want the man of your dreams to disappear on you? Always keep it simple by reversing the scenario and placing yourself in the same situation.

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