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Here Are Your Hot Topics for September 8, 2023

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Editor's note: If one of these studies is interesting to you and you'd like to write about it from a different angle than we have here, that is an option, too. Just let us know what you would like to do!

1. TK Signs Someone Is Treating Their Romantic Partner Like A Parent

2. Tiny, Everyday Habits That Increase A Child's Emotional Intelligence

3. TK Micro-Habits That Can Help You Find Balance With The Universe (For When You're Feeling Seriously 'Off') (reserved)

4. How To Know If An Invisible Fear of Rejection Is What's Holding You Back In Your Career


Here are a number of past ideas that are still available: 

- TK Signs You're The 'Caboose Baby' Of The Family
editor's note: this is the baby born way after the other siblings - like 8-10 year gap between last child and the second-to-last. We are looking for characteristics and personality traits of someone who is a caboose, also called 'Late Lamb' in the UK and 'Sladdbarn' in Sweden, "attpåklatt" in Norwegian.  

- How To Be Happy In A Relationship If You Have These Rare 'Dark Triad' Traits
editor's note: see this article for the research we'd like cited, though you can offer your own advice, of course!

- The Psychological Reasons Why Some Parents & Adult Children Can't Get Along

- The Unique Pain of Being 'The Favorite Child' & How To Heal, Forgive and Move On
See this article from The BBC

-TK Counterintuitive Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Your Body Or Your Weight

- How To Deal With Different Parenting Styles In A Blended Family 

- TK Unorthodox Spiritual Methods For Finding The Love the Universe Has Waiting

- TK Signs You Have Chosen Child Syndrome

- What Everyone Can Learn From 'Lying Flatism', A New Trend Among Young People In China

Editor's note: Essentially, this is a self-soothing/self-care practice that young peole are using in order to protest workaholism/hustle culture.
Read more about this study here

- TK Ways We Violate Our Kids' Boundaries (That Have Lasting Consequences)

(for example, asking them to hug relatives and friends when they don't want to, forcing them to 'clean their plate' at dinner, etc)

- If This Habit Sounds Familiar, It's Likely You Grew Up In A Harsh & Erratic Environment
Read more about this study here

- How Abusive People Use Emotional Exhaustion To Control Their Partners

- TK Things Your Unhappy Kid Won't Tell You  But You Need To Know ASAP

- TK Tough Guy Cliches That Mask Men’s Vulnerabilities

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