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Here Are Your Hot Topics for November 22, 2022

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1. What To Do When Your Soulmate Doesn't Love You Back

--OR-- What It Means When Your Soulmate Doesn't Love You Back

2. The Best Way To Function Through 'Cumulative Grief'

(when you experience many losses or major life changes in a row)

3. TK Oddly Effective Psychological Tricks To Help You Win Any Argument (& TK That You Should Never Use)

4. How To Love From Your Soul — To Keep Your Soulmate Close

5. The 3 Strict Rules To Have In Your Marriage That Just Make Life Better (there's a TikTok)


Reminder: Please email to reserve & discuss your headline. Thanks! 


Here are a few past ideas that are still available: 

- TK Types Of Abusive Partners & What Their Behavior Does To Their Victims

- TK Little Agreements Couples Make That Create Blissful Marriages 

- The Small (But Very Telling!) Things That Change After One Year As A Couple -- And What They Mean For Your Future

These can be both good and bad!

- TK Times It's OK To Let A Life-Long Dream Fade (& How To Let It Go)

- What To Do When You're In Love With Two Men At The Same Time

(for this article, ethical non-monogamy should be one of the points among others - ask the editors for insight if needed)

- The Sneaky Trap Too Many Couples Fall Into That Almost Guarantees Divorce

(please make this article focused on assuming you know what your partner is feeling & how we ask about each other's feelings)


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Here's a look at a Hot Topic success from the past!

The One Sign I See In My Practice That Indicates A Marriage Is Going To Last by Expert Jean Walters: 275,000 pageviews

5 Little Ways Men Wish They Could be Loved — Every Single Day by Mitzi Bockmann: 180,000 pageviews


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