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Here Are Your Hot Topics for January 20, 2022


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NOTE: ## = Any number, i.e., "The One Way To Know If You Should Write A Hot Topics Article" or "11 Clever Ways To Know If You Should Write A Hot Topics Article"​

(If a topic is crossed out, that means this topic has already been chosen by another Expert.)

## Things You Teach Your Kids When You Cheat On Your Spouse 


Why It's So Easy To Fall In Love Via Text (& So Hard In Real Life) 

(An article about/for the people who find themselves liking a lot of the people they meet online - but who don't like any of those people when they meet or get together in real life.)


## Feelings You'll Have When You Finally Find A Solid Relationship


Is It Wrong To Call Addiction A Disease?   

(See this trending article, which raises some interesting points. You can argue for or against!)


## Unusual & Unexpected Types Of Intrusive Thoughts (And How To Deal With Them)

(One example is this person who has intrusive thoughts/fantasies about insulting people - we need more examples like this, things people wouldn't expect)


How To Know If Your Parent Doesn't Love You (Or If There's Something Else Going On)

(note: there are parents who are incapable of love, so we don't want to dismiss this possibility)


1. How To Help Your Partner Stop Cheating (When They're Really Committed To Changing)

(note: we already have articles about preventing cheating and how you can't stop a partner for cheating - this would be more about supporting a partner who is committed to change)

2. ## Reasons People Are Scared To Go To Therapy (& How To Get Over It)

3. How To Be Friends With Someone You're Attracted To (Without Making It Weird)

(An article about managing your own feelings & behaviors so that your friendship or professional/working relationship isn't compromised and so you don't make the other person feel uncomfortable. The objective here is NOT to tell them to 'go for it' or to try to 'win over' the person they are attracted to.)

5. ## Traits That Make You More Likely To End Up In A Toxic Relationship. 

(see this article to quote this person - you can agree, disagree, or add to the original person's list- please be careful to avoid victim-blaming if behaviors are abusive)

11. This Sleep Technique Worked For Dalí and Edison -- Should You Try It? 

(Article would describe this technique, which is about waking up in the early stage of sleep: hypnagogia state or N1. Would describe how people do it and help readers decide if it's a good idea for them - or not. See this article for reference.)



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