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About Holly Shaftel

Holly Shaftel is an ICF-certified relationship coach who helps women trade in anxiety and insecurity for peace of mind in their love lives.


With expertise in chemistry vs compatibility, relationship realism, and turbulent vs rock-solid relationships, she started her career as a relationship coach by helping a client go from “anxious and insecure” in her relationship to “peacefully engaged” within a matter of months. She’s gained further “street cred” by being featured in Bustle, Brides, MarketWatch, and Discover.com.


When she’s not writing about relationships on Medium (with articles sometimes hitting the front page of the “Relationships” section), you might find this adrenaline junkie enjoying an extreme sport, such as skiing, scuba diving, surfing, or rock climbing. Holly also works in climate change communications at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA and has adopted the “zero-waste” (plastic-free) lifestyle.


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