Years in Practice

3-5 years


St Albans LND AL4 9LG - United Kingdom



Additional Expertise

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

in helping my clients release themselves from situations where they feel lost, stuck or isolated 

About Helen Stone

Hello!   I've joined YourTango because it’s a vibrant source of fascinating articles on love, dating and relationships; let’s face it, something that occupies a lot of our head space if we’ve ever wondered what our new partner really thought of us or worried that they might end it all over some tiny slipup.

My contribution here and vision for all my clients, is to bring clarity to the process of finding happiness and peace, whether in relationship or not.  To do this, I bring in my depth psychology and coaching training combined with the reflective learning from my own life experiences. My articles are contributed mindfully and with the hope that they will add perspective and insight to anyone who draws on them.  My purpose in working with clients is always to empower, educate and ultimately help them free themselves from emotional discomfort or heartbreak.

As a therapist, I hold the view that events in early life can play a part in the love relationships we find for ourselves, even down to how we attract partners, how we behave within relationship, how secure or trusting we feel, even down to why we might decide to leave or perhaps feel overly attached.

My client work is primarily about helping people to make connections and links to what happened in their past with the real hope that a brief period of therapeutic support can be enough to really turn things around for them.  We all experience challenging times and dating and relationships are a source of opportunity for growth and learning. 

I am committed to my clients achieving real and lasting solutions to issues that have kept them stuck and impeded for far too long.  I have a counselling practice in Hertfordshire in the UK, and a Skype practice for clients based anywhere in the world.

Helen Stone Success Stories

Client Testamonial

Men in complicated relationships

I really wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for your time, your effort, knowledge, thoughts and finally feelings over the last 20+ sessions.  I know and feel I have progressed amazingly and I know I couldn’t have done that without
you and your guidance.

Client Feedback

Women dealing with work related stress

Working with you has allowed me to step outside the prison of the assumptions I had made about myself and about other people.  As a target of workplace bullying, I had allowed myself to buy into the narratives that had been created around me.  Now, not only am I able to release myself from guilt, but also to have a more rounded view of what was actually going on throughout that whole experience and to learn how to be responsive and not reactive. I am now at a point where I can negotiate my way back into my job, which is highly unusual for a victim of bullying.  Without your insight and support, I would have given up.” 

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