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About Heidi Lee Munson

From struggling single mother to Happily Married Author, Marketer, Blogger and Former Online Dating Professional, Heidi Lee Munson kissed the toads so that you don’t have to. From Couch Potato Toad to Lounge Lizard Toad and Redneck Toad to Bad Toupee Toad, Heidi Lee kissed them all.

On her way to becoming the self proclaimed Master Toad Kisser, Heidi Lee earned her MBA and is an accomplished marketing professional having worked with many Fortune 500 companies.

She is first to tell you her proudest achievement is finding the pond where the PCs (Prince Charmings) live. Heidi Lee just celebrated her 1st anniversary and lives in Green Bay Wisconsin with her very own PC, Mike.

Wickedly poking fun at herself and the hapless Toads attracted to her online dating profile gave her so much material, she is still writing about it on her blog: The Art of Toad Kissing. Heidi Lee continues to spin online dating tips, tools and resources to her growing circle of toad kissing fans.

When she’s not blogging about the moments of humor, heartbreak, and horror of online dating in the Toad Kingdom she is watching the ships come in on Green Bay, Wisconsin, learning French with her PC, editing her memoir and living with Thelma and Louise, her cats. Heidi Lee is passionate about helping other late bloomer brides find their way through the maze of prospects out there to their very own PCs. 

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