Cultivate Self Love On Your Way To Happiness

Do you have a mean inner critic living inside your head who is constantly saying negative things?


Do you have a mean inner critic living inside your head who is constantly saying things that make you feel super insecure? For example, when you walk past a mirror does she say, "You really need to lose ten pounds?" Or when your guy calls to say he's working late does she say, "No way he's working late again. He's definitely cheating on you?"

When your inner critic says mean things inside your mind, your guy can tell because you start to act differently around him. For example, you may start to act super clingy and voice your insecurities out loud. But the problem is your guy doesn’t want a needy girlfriend who complains about her thighs all day long. He wants you to be the confident woman he fell in love with: the woman who loves and respects herself completely.


Building Self Love

So — how do you build your self love and destroy your mean inner critic once and for all? Simple — with a ninja! Imagine that there's a tiny but powerful ninja inside your head who is constantly available to karate chop any negative thoughts you have about yourself, your career, and your relationship. Whenever your inner critic says something that causes you to feel insecure, send in your ninja to take her down.

Another way to build your self love is to become hyper aware of your negative thoughts. Whenever your inner critic says something mean about your thighs or your work performance, consciously choose not to believe that thought. Choose instead to believe that you're perfect just the way you are, and even though you're a work in progress, how you are right now is good enough.


Keep in mind that your mean inner critic won't go away overnight. You'll have to silence her over and over again, and she may never disappear completely. You'll start to notice that she's quieter on some days and louder on others, but how you let her affect you is always 100% your choice.

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