7 Reasons Frankenstein Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

When you look back on the story, this "monster" is actually a great catch.


With all of the goblins and ghouls that pop up this time of year, it's easy to forget about the original monster: Frankenstein's. Since he's unhappy, undead and generally wreaks havoc on townspeople, it makes sense people would find him terrifying.

However, when you look back on the story, it seems like this ol' bag of bones (and skin and organs) might actually have made a pretty perfect boyfriend despite his faults. Read on to see the 7 reasons he'd make the best boyfriend EVER! 

  1. He's a great listener. He may not speak very much, but that's because he's constantly observing and taking in his surroundings. He does his best to fully understand a situation before responding, making him be the first person you'd want to go to for a shoulder to cry on and some sage advice.
  2. He's well-read. What's not to love about a man who loves to read, especially the classics? You would have no problem discussing your latest book club book with a man who practically devoured Paradise Lost. He may not have gone to an Ivy League school, but he's learned quite a bit from the school of life.
  3. He's driven. This fellow knows what he wants and he isn't afraid to go after it. Even when it's a rough road to success, he doesn't give up. Instead he works toward his end goal, one step at a time. Whatever he wants, you know he's going to strive for his dreams until he makes them a reality.
  4. He's a relationship guy. Some men turn their noses up at the idea of a relationship, but not this guy. You might even consider it his life goal to end up with the perfect woman. He may not be the most skilled socially, but he'll definitely show you the attention he knows his partner deserves.
  5. He's passionate. He throws his heart and soul into whatever he's doing, even if you're not always the biggest fan of his projects (like that one time he massacred a family). That passion carries over to your relationship, so he'll show you how he feels. It probably also carries over into the bedroom...
  6. He's caring. How many people do you know who would try to rescue a little girl from drowning? Not too many, but this kind sir does, even when the task is thankless. You could rest assured he would take great care of you, as well as "taking care" of anyone who tried to do you wrong.
  7. He's a nature lover. This guy practically lives in the woods (the bed of leaves could go), and he embraces vegetarianism because he refuses to destroy an animal for his appetite. It would be no problem convincing him to go through a detox diet with you—he's practically on one already.

What qualities of Frankenstein's monster do you like best? He's not such a bad guy after all, right? If you agree, tell us in the comments!