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About Robert Najemy

American born, Robert Elias Najemy is presently living in Athens Greece, were he has founded and is directing the Center for Harmonious Living since 1976 which serves 3500 members with classes and workshops designed to aid each in the improvement of his or her body, mind, relationships and life in general.

Robert has 30 books published in Greek, which have sold over 130,000 copies.

Nine of his books have been published in English and can be found on Amazon.com

He is also the author of over 600 articles and 800 lecture and relaxation CD and DVD on the subject of Human Harmony.

He has developed a program of seminars for Self-Analysis, Self-Discovery, Self-Knowledge, Self-Improvement, Self-Transformation and Self-Realization. He has trained over 400 Life Coaches and does so now over the internet.

This system combines a wide variety of well-tested ancient and modern techniques and concepts.
His teachings come from what he calls "Universal Philosophy" which is the basis of all religions and yet beyond and not limited by religions.

His seminars include a variety of experiences including:
1. Basic psychological and philosophical teachings.
2. Self analysis through specially designed questionnaires.
3. Methods of contacting and releasing the contents of the subconscious in a safe and gentle way.
4. Exercises, breathing, movement, singing, chanting and dance for expression and release.
5. Methods for discovering and releasing through regressions (in relaxation) the events of the past, which have programmed our minds negatively and thus, are obstructing our happiness and effectiveness in the present.
6. Techniques for solving inner conflicts and also for solving conflicts with others.
7. Methods for calming the mind and creating positive mental states.
8. Experiences for feeling greater unity with others and breaking through feelings of separateness.
9. Opportunities to share with others that which one is feeling and experiencing.
10. Emotional release techniques.
11. Methods of meditation and transcendence of the mind for those who are ready.

His material can be found at

Other Books and ebooks by Robert Elias Najemy in English (available at Amazon and bookstores)

1. Universal Philosophy
2. The Art of Meditation
3. Contemporary Parables
4. The Mystical Circle of Life
5. The Miracles of Love and Wisdom
6. Free to be Happy with Energy Psychology by Tapping on Acupuncture Points
7. Saram – The Adventures of a Soul and Insight into the Male Psyche
8. The Psychology of Happiness
8. Dewing with Testing Times

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