4 Things To Do When You Feel Stuck And Hate Your Life

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4 Things to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

There is an awkward place in life where we find ourselves in limbo, waiting, in the midst of transition and unsure which way to go.

You often find yourself thinking, "I don't know what to do with my life."

This stage happens intermittently — sometimes it’s months long, other times it only takes up days or weeks. Regardless, it’s a tough place to find yourself. When questions outnumber answers, we often become anxious or unsettled.

What if this place of transition and questions could become a place of growth instead of anxiety?

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Every season of life holds valuable lessons that can help us move toward our goals and become the best version of ourselves. Here are some tips to get the most out of a season of uncertainty:

1. Embrace the opportunity for stillness.

Transitions and uncertainty tempt us to ask unanswerable questions. Questions like "What’s going to happen?", "What am I going to do?", and "How is this going to work out?"

Acknowledging our inability to answer these questions is the first step to stop obsessing over them. When you let those questions go, there are all kinds of space in your head for introspection and stillness.

Begin focusing on the practices that help you find peace. Some people meditate, others journal, exercise, or go for long walks outdoors. Take this time to learn how to take care of yourself and rest your busy mind.

2. Get comfortable.

Uncertainty sucks, I know. Focusing on the fact, however, will only make it worse. Kick off your shoes, get a fuzzy blanket, and make yourself comfortable.

After all, it isn’t terminal. It’s temporary and will pass before you know it. This is where you are today, but everything could change tomorrow.

3. Let the feelings be.

Feelings are just feelings. They come and go. You don’t have to allow discouragement, fear, or doubt to set the tone. Your feelings don’t need to be fixed or manipulated.

Instead, observe them, take note of them, and let them go. You and your worth are not defined by how you feel.

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4. Be kind to yourself.

In this fast-paced, goal-oriented world, any type of uncertainty garners judgment — from others as well as from yourself. I challenge you to adopt a policy of non-judgment. Instead, unconditionally accept yourself exactly where you are and see how that transforms your outlook.

In a nutshell, when you’re not sure what to do, it’s okay to wait, be still, practice non-judgment, and take care of yourself. Take this opportunity to learn more about who you are, how you respond to transition, and what you can do to grow in the midst of change.

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Gretchen Hydo is a certified professional coach, keynote speaker, nationally syndicated advice columnist, and thought leader. For more information on other life-changing programs visit Any Lengths Life Coaching.

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