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About Glenn C Graves

In addition to my doctorate in Psychology, I have a specialization in Creativity as it relates to the human sciences and healing. I believe strongly that creativity and creative ability are an essential part of healing and is instrumental in our adaptation and survival mechanisms. While my private practice takes an integrative approach, I specialize in Existential Psychotherapy and use unique treatments, like EMDR for helping clients resolve faulty core beliefs.

For the past 14 years, I have counseled couples and individuals, teens and whole families from just about every country. These are families living away from their respective homes and based in Southeast Asia. They seek help on a variety of issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anger management, anxiety, stress, alcohol abuse, marital conflicts, cross-cultural marital conflicts, divorce, sex addiction, adolescents and their family, sexual abuse, aging, body image, self-esteem, and grief. I also run support groups for Addicts, partners of addicts and a third group for women going through separation and divorce.

I am honored to have been present and engaged in more than 12,000 hours of sessions with clients from every ethnicity residing in the culturally diverse Singapore.

I teach and train through various mediums as well as experiential, group therapy, and group retreats. I am lecturing on Applied Psychology this autumn at the School of Positive Psychology in Singapore and hope to bring Existential Training through various lecturing mediums in Southeast Asia. My latest workshops are focused on helping people write their new narrative by getting in touch with their Personal Mythology. This is based on the popular model created by Dr. David Feinstein and Dr. Stanley Krippner.

In addition to the above, I have trained as a crisis responder by the National Organization for Victim Assistance. For SOS, I have traveled by helicopter as far as the remote mountains of Papa New Guinea to respond to victims in crisis. My most recent crisis intervention work has been to bring trauma and healing approaches through expressive arts therapy, play therapy and EMDR to the Rohingya Refugees attempting to resettle in Malaysia.

My childhood dream was to be a “Peace Negotiator”. My pre-college ambition was to be a “shrink to the stars”. I have been blessed to have done both and so much more since then. After 14 years of counseling adults who have seen any number of traumas through their childhood and into adulthood, I now see the incredible fragility of youth and the importance of educating parents and teachers, how best to protect and help these children grow into healthy citizens of the world. We need much more focus on this crucial social responsibility.

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