3 Romantic & Fairytale-Like Ways To Spend Your Wedding Anniversary

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Cute & Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Married Couples

Celebrating a wedding anniversary constitutes for something romantic and fairytale-like and there are plenty of anniversary ideas for you to try with your spouse to celebrate your marriage.

Is your next wedding anniversary going to be special? Maybe it’s a milestone in your relationship, the big 10, 20, or maybe even 50!  

Or on the other hand, maybe having a great and scenic anniversary celebration will make up for a wedding reception that didn’t quite go as perfect as you planned. Second chances!

There are plenty of cute and romantic date ideas available on the internet but if you want to take it a step further and do something special, memorable, and heartfelt that's sprinkled with romance this year, you have the right idea.  

Anniversary celebrations can be just as picturesque and beautiful as weddings themselves. But, if you really want to make the event special, do a "fairy tale" theme for the anniversary. They make for some excellent photos and beautiful memories.

Here are 3 fairytale-like and romantic wedding anniversary date ideas.

1. Go to Disneyland

Let’s face it. If you want a real "fairy tale", Disneyland (or Disney World) is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind.  

Disneyland can not only provide you with fairy tale castles, and your favorite fairy tale characters walking around, but there are also many perks that come from visiting the park and taking advantage of your special celebration.  

For example, Disney hands out free buttons for its visitors, which can be customized. They can also decorate the room for an anniversary celebration, or even host a dessert party. You can take a fireworks cruise or take a carriage ride, all before taking part in a public vow renewal ceremony at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion.

And, hey, maybe Gaston would officiate…er, don’t count on that part though.

2. Rent a cabin in the woods

Apart from hanging out with actual princesses, it’s hard to imagine a more fairytale-like environment than the Smoky Mountains. You can rent a cabin in the area and sleep in a gorgeous and relaxing backdrop, seeing nothing but mountains and forest for miles.  

There are beautiful destinations all of the country and the world for cabin rentals so choose your favorite spot to cozy up in the woods with your love. It's even better if you can rent a place with a fireplace, hot tub, or roomy bath tub to get even closer. 

3. Rent a castle

Whether you have money to go to Ireland and actually renew your vows in a millennium old castle, or if you just want to spend the night in a castle somewhere exotic, you can channel your inner royal for the night. 

It’s a lot more fun if you dress up in a period costume (so you can actually look like a prince or princess) and perhaps if you bring along a few close friends or family members for a reception, elsewhere.  

This is a wonderful trend, especially if you throw in the vow renewal. Saying that you would marry your love all over again is the most romantic thing in the world — and especially 10-20 years later, when your love is still running hot and stronger than ever.

Gia Scaringi is a matchmaker, mentor, and sex coach who helps couples reignite their love and relationship.