4 Ways To Lose That "Freshman 15" Even If Your College Days Are OVER

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Sometimes losing the first 15 pounds is the most difficult stage of a new diet or exercise regimen. When you’re a busy, confident woman who has better things to do than count calories all day every day, finding the time to shed that "Freshman 15" you gained in college can be challenging. Then, of course, you have to worry about relapsing and gaining back all the weight you lost. 

Not to worry — here are 4 ways you can ditch the weight before it's too late:

1. Decide to make a REAL lifestyle change.

Once you decide to “add to” your current lifestyle, you’ve already lost the war.  You will relapse sooner than later. The only way you can change your body is to change the way you live. The only way to change the way you live is to change your thoughts. Conquering negative thinking and mental obstacles that we place in front of us is the first step. 

2. Create new goals for yourself  not only in weight loss, but also in life.

We reward ourselves with sugar and junk, all the while eating as a comfort when we don’t know what else to do. Finding new root goals is your motivation. But finding that motivation involves being honest with yourself and why you want to lose weight in the first place. If you don’t have a solid “why," relapsing into your old bad habits will be all too easy. This is why you must create worthwhile goals tied into your real personality and values in life.

3. Investigate your health and your diet.

The sad fact remains that most people eat poorly because they stick to a fad diet — low carb, ineffective weight loss products, etc. They battle hunger pangs all day long and become discouraged when they fail to keep up. This is all because they are still ignorant as to what their body needs.

Your body needs good fats, protein, and foods rich with nutrients and vitamins. When we stuff it with pizza, ice cream and fast food and so on, we are not actually feeding our body what it’s asking for. Make it a point to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and lean meats in moderation. The healthier the food you buy, the more of it you can eat and the more weight you will eventually lose. 

4. Change your company, if you must.

A weight loss expert at Power Systems, a leading provider in fitness and performance equipment, makes a very good point. “If you are living with or are friends with someone who is doing the opposite of helping you, your determination will suffer. This could be someone who mocks your goals, or it could be someone who is oblivious to your new diet and serves you the foods that tempt you.” 

If you are determined, you must be firm and tell these people that you have to limit your association with them until they understand the problem and begin helping you reaching your goal.  Some people join support groups so they can have the all important morale factor on their side.  Otherwise, it really is an uphill battle. 

Work hard to create a new life style and not just a supplementary routine that’s going to fix everything. Your new body starts with the new you. 

For advice on how to succeed in your weight loss battle, contact life coach Gia Scaringi.