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Everything starts with you, It is your choice whether you move firward or stay stuck; Spiritual awakening is remembering that we can live a free, fearless, powerful life.

About Gina Gardiner

I hope my story will inspire you by showing you that living in a genuine way is totally possible.  By sharing my story, I also want to show that I live my values every day. I also have been there and faced significant challenges.  I was born in Manchester and grew up in Essex. It was a pretty normal childhood. My early career was in teaching and I rose to become headteacher of a primary school in Essex. Schools in England are inspected by an organisation called Ofsted and mine was one of the best in the country. I was described by Ofsted as an “Inspirational leader” and by Investors in People as an “Impressive coach and exceptional mentor who has developed an innovative and exemplary training scheme”. I got to the top despite the fact that in 1983 just as I was appointed as Deputy Head Teacher I was seriously injured in a skiing accident that severely limited what I could do physically. Soon  after  became a Head Teacher in 1984 I had to use a wheelchair as my mobility was so restricted, I’ve had long periods of being wheelchair bound and I’ve learned to walk twice as an adult.

I haven’t let it hold me back from achieving the things that I wanted to.

I loved being a headteacher. I was acknowledged as Head of one of Ofsted’s ‘Best Schools’ twice and on the HMI Honours list. In my work as a coach and mentor, I’ve advised global corporations, businesses,  Leaders, Managers, graduates as well as many individuals who wanted to change their lives for the better.

I have travelled the world, I love my garden and I live an independent life.  I’ve done this because I chose not to accept that I couldn’t.  It’s about taking a different approach to problem solving, making the most of your talents and ultimately leading a healthier and more successful life.

You can be the best you can be if you are prepared to get a little uncomfortable and open your mind to a different way of thinking.

Along with a career in strategic development and leadership, I’m also an author, a Motivational Speaker, trainer, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a qualified coach.

I’ve appeared on national TV and radio as well as featured in news publications as well to talk about my work.

I’ve proved it can be done it and you can do it too.

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