Would You Date A Guy Who Is Broke?

Your date is broke as a joke. Is that a dealbreaker ? Can you see 'the guy' past the empty pockets?


Admit it, ladies. You'd love to fly off on a private jet for a weekend in Paris with a handsome date who pays for that bottle of Dom with his platinum AMEX. But in this economy, it's much more likely that your new man's as broke as a joke--and maybe even unemployed. Is that a dealbreaker for you? Or can you find a way to successfully date on an empty wallet?

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We asked our Facebook and Twitter friends if they'd hook up with a hottie who was hurting for cash. While several said no-- right off the bat, most had a few caveats they'd consider.

"Broke as in no job and no prospects?" asks Stacey. "Nope. Broke as in paid all his bills and he's got $20 for the week for gas? Sure!"

"Depends on why. Bad luck or lazy? Creative genius or no ambition? Makes a difference," says Julie.

Piper Weiss, Senior Features Editor at Yahoo! Shine agrees. "There's nothing worse than a guy who's stuck in a job he hates and takes it out on you. If he's unhappy with his life it's going to affect your life, too."


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On the other hand, a broke guy who's following his dreams--playing in a band, starting his own company, volunteering to help the needy--can be an even bigger turn on than a banker with a big wallet. "I think if a guy can keep productive, the money is secondary," she says. "Maybe he's finally pursuing something he loves--it's invigorating for him and sexy to watch."

How can you tell if the guy's a dreamer or a deadbeat before you get in too deep? "An act of generosity is a good sign that it's just temporary," says Weiss. "If he buys the movie tickets or drinks, it shows he's confident he won't starve and he enjoys having enough to treat someone he likes. If he likes what he does or had success in the past those are also good signs."

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Allison of Florida married her broke guy and says, "it paid off" when he moved up the corporate ladder and found success a few years after they married. Valerie of Wisconsin met her broke guy in grad school. Now they're engaged and he's gainfully employed.

But what about dating while broke? Are the two of you doomed to stay at home and stare at the TV? Weiss says to encourage your guy to get creative without breaking the bank. After all, there are many opportunities for low to no cost dates.

"A homemade meal and a Netflix movie, a picnic in the park, a free outdoor movie--things like that. Food carts and local softball games can be fun, ice cream and a walk over a bridge," she lists. "As long as he does a little planning, it won't matter if you're taken out to a fancy dinner."

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YOUR TURN: Would you date a guy who was broke? Does his financial situation matter when you first meet? What about later in the relationship? Does yours matter to him?

By Marianne Beach, GalTime.com