Top 10 Truths About Men & Women

By SMF Marcus Osborne for

Let me address a common complaint. I'm often taken to task for making generalizations about men and women.

I get emails and comments like this: "Marcus you can't say all women are this way or all men are that way!"

Well….duh! I have never claimed that all men are like this and all women are the same. That would be silly and most importantly, that would be untrue.

But sometimes generalizations are mostly... accurate.

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So now that 2011 is officially over, I am looking back on my first year as a proud GalTime Contributor and giving myself a big pat on the back with these general truths that are generally correct.

Your Single Male Friend Top 10 General Truths Of 2011

1. Traditional gender roles continue to evolve. House husbands are on the rise and are here to stay.

2. Guys do not love "The Chase" Women love "The Chase" - and why wouldn't they? The power to go give some guy the proverbial thumbs up or thumbs down must be nice.

3. Virginity, at some point, becomes a little odd. This isn't to say that women should run out and start looking for guys to "close the deal" just to punch their V-Card. Just saying that if you're waiting until marriage, and you're 30 years old that's admirable (I guess?) but wow….

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4. Nice guys DO finish last. But they DO eventually finish on a high note!

5. Men and women are shallow and superficial. Let's stop being PC about this. We love our trophies.

6. Cougars are awesome-- depending on how you define the term.

7. Being a woman is tough….so is being a man.

8. Stop saying men won't commit. Because they absolutely WILL commit. Just maybe not to you.

9. There ARE some generalizations that AREN'T true, if only women would believe it.

10. Guys continue to get away with the lamest break up excuses!

So there you have 'em. Let the debates begin. Feel free to join the SMF Facebook Group or email questions to

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