Top 10 Celebrity "Hall Pass" List

Most sought out celeb men and women on everyone's list. Surprising results.

By: GalTime.com

Okay, married ladies and those of you in a committed relationship... if you could get a "hall pass" to cheat with one celebrity A-lister, who would it be?

Each year, the controversial dating site AshleyMadison.com conducts a "Celebrity Hall Pass" survey.


This year the sex symbol at the top of most women's lists is.....



Ever since The Notebook, women have been saving their passes for Ryan

Second place goes to George Clooney. You probably could have predicted that one. But number 3 might surprise you. It's the $30 billion dollar man... Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook.

Rounding out the ladies top 10 hall pass hunks:

4. Brad Pitt

5. Hugh Jackman

6. Barack Obama

7. Ryan Reynolds

8. Bradley Cooper

9. David Beckham

10. Drake


The most desired women on the guys' lists: (one shocker here at #10)

Russell may have given up, but guys are lining up to use their passes for the California girl

1. Katy Perry

2. Rihanna

3. Mila Kunis

4. Salma Hayek

5. Jennifer Aniston

6. Scarlett Johannson

7. Sofia Vergara

8. Blake Lively

9. Kim Kardashian

10. Sarah Palin


Who would earn your pass?  

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