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About Fritz George Sauer

I am an expert in scientific stress management, a published author, former IT manager and consultant with two MS degrees and over 30 years of experience.

Now as a stress management coach, I apply my business experience to the area of stress. For my clients and readers, I search for the hidden causes of their problems and identify better solutions to stress related issues. I am passionate about this second career driven by the trauma of my early years in a war zone. I have researched how the brain deals with stress and discovered better ways to help people. As a result, I address stress-related personal wellness, performance, productivity, and team issues fast and targeted. This success comes from the insights into the root causes of stress in the brain. My goal is to teach individuals and teams to manage their own stress in ways that quickly improve wellness, health and effectiveness. I am excited to make these approaches available to all, including business, nonprofits, and communities.

In my former career I worked for large automotive company, as an IT manager and internal consultant. I helped getting to the root cause of problems and developed effective solutions in quality and productivity. One project for example addressed software maintenance for over 2,000 professionals of the firm’s worldwide IT group. In addition to extensive training in stress management, coaching and process improvement I hold two Master of Science degrees, one in Process Optimization, the other in Mechanical and Human Factors Engineering.

Why did I choose to work with stress now? The true reason is, I was a highly stressed person. During my early childhood my hometown in Germany was bombed regularly until I was 4 years old. Today we know that much of a child’s brain develops during the first 6 years of life. If there is severe trauma it often affects them for the rest of their life. For me it showed up as deep insecurities, fears, and difficulties learning, especially languages and reading. My language teachers thought I wasn't smart. Fortunately, I was pretty good in math, physics and chemistry and they let me pass my elite high school.

Yet even as an adult, I was afraid of being in the dark, not always at ease with myself and others, tended to overreact or "hide" and had compromised immunity with frequent colds, sore throats and hoarseness. Searching for ways to alleviate these problems I tried everything: art therapy, meditation, exercise, yoga, individual and group therapies. ​Most of it was helpful and allowed me to live a constructive and successful life.
​But then after early retirement from the auto company, I ran into something extraordinary, deceptively simple techniques which profoundly changed my life. Within weeks I felt like a new person, I was happier, healthier, had more energy, mental clarity, and confidence. Soon I began to study and teach the techniques. Later I discovered that all these problems I and many others had were related to deep STRESS.

Why? Because stress is a natural part of our basic human survival function, which again is the most central function in our brain.  In my research into neuroscience, I discovered how the techniques relieve stress in the brain and why they work so wonderfully fast. This is why I now made it my mission to write about and teach this material. I want as many people as possible to learn how to improve their lives, well-being, health and effectiveness in this way. As individuals improve, the same is true for organizations. Based on years of experience in business and with the techniques, I feel this could be a realistic approach to reducing healthcare costs while simultaneously improving work-life balance.

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