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About Mary Ellen Goggin Jerry Duberstein


Make yourself at home. Get comfortable. 

Take a few slow deep breaths. Breathe into your tummy, feel it expand. 

Now breathe out. And with the breath, let out all the tension and worries. Let it all go.

There's help for you here.

You've landed in a safe place if you are struggling with a troubled relationship, trying to decide whether to stay together, or are on the brink of divorce. Perhaps you are separated or have filed for divorce and now you're having second thoughts.

You may be feeling the pain of deep loneliness. infidelity, depression, emotional and verbal abuse, rage, mid-life crisis or other relationship shattering issues. Addictions may be interfering with your relationship - substance abuse, porn, or sex .

Like the couples we help get to the other side of this miserable time, you feel feel afraid, all torn up inside, and helpless to untangle the jumble of turbulent emotions in your relationship.

You feel unhappy,depressed, anxious, angry,and confused.You may have lost track of what happened and why you feel so disconnected from your partner. You think you may still love him though you wonder sometimes if love is enough. You know love doesn't feel or act this way.

You may be caught in a cycle of shame and blame. You feel criticized and judged that nothing you do is good enough. That you're not good enough. You feel terrified that your partner will cheat on you. You've tried your best and don't know what to do. Talking with your partner only makes things worse.The least little thing you say or do triggers an ugly fight. You both say things you don't really mean and feel ashamed and carry emotional scars. Maybe you've just stopped talking.

You are tired of carrying this heavy burden - and feel depleted and overwhelmed by the stress of your relationship.

You may have already tried couples counseling and felt you never got to the root of the problem.

You may wonder if you are beyond help.

You want to be happy again. Feel free, light, and full of energy. You want to  stop feeling lonely and re-connect with your partner. 

You don't need to resign yourself to a life of misery. We know there is a better way.

 We can help you get your relationship back on track. Over many years we have found that a two-day immersion experience (a private retreat for couples) is hands-down the most effective approach for healing distressed relationships.

You will learn to understand and dismantle the dynamic that keeps you stuck and let go of anger, fear, shame, blame, and resentment, and make a plan to move forward. Your relationship will be different and stay that way. You'll feel lighter and more open and optimistic. You'll see your partner in a new light and remember what brought you together.

Reach out if you're interested in talking with us about a private retreat or start slowly and sign-up for our newsletter. We won't bombard you with sales pitches or pesky emails, or sell your name to anyone ever. Promise.

I am a relationship guide, sanity facilitator, mediator, lawyer, and educator. I work with people who want to connect with themselves and their partner in a compassionate and sovereign way - folks who want to have a close relationship without giving themselves away. 

My husband, Jerry, is a patient, warm-hearted therapist dedicated to guiding couples to breakthroughs. He has counseled individuals and couples for over 40 years, in a variety of settings. Jerry brings a great depth and breadth of expertise to his work, and distills nuanced theories into actionable simplicity.

Could a phone call change your life? Email or call us for your own complimentary 1/2 hour introductory call.

In the meantime, breathe deeply as often as you can, knowing that your relationship is not beyond help. It may be just that you need the right people to usher you to the other side. 

All the best,

Meg & Jerry


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