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About Frances Jones

When you think about life, what do you hope for? What is that one thing that seems to make life feel incomplete?  I have felt it as well as lived through it and that is why I am here today.  I am a Life Purpose and Infertility Coach.  As a Life Purpose Coach, I help my clients move forward in life using tools to help them uncover internal energy blocks that might be holding them back from success, happiness, and purpose.  Once those internal energy blocks have been identified, I work with my clients to remove them so they can have a more purposeful and successful life.   My Life Purpose Coaching services allow me to help individuals and groups deal with challenges they are facing in their careers and personal lives allowing them to identify stress triggers as well as understand how to better respond when these triggers arise.

As an Infertility Coach, my passion is to support my clients through the infertility journey while helping them move past their disappointments to ultimately find a way to fill that missing piece in their lives so they can feel whole again.  Dealing with infertility can be a very stressful and emotional journey.  Providing my services is my way of helping those who are facing what I have faced.  Women and men can struggle with infertility and people have to find their own way of coping with it.  Part of my role as a coach is to help them through the coping process.

Infertility has a way of making people feel robbed and incomplete. Many times they are looking for someone who is willing to listen to their concerns, have compassion, and give them hope that life can be better as well as understand that it is ok to be honest about how they truly feel without the fear of being criticized, feeling guilty or being ashamed.  I have a heart for people and can assist those who are looking for a way to make life better.  I may not know exactly how my clients feel but I do know from personal experience what it means to not be able to conceive. I firmly believe that love gives you the strength to hope for what seems impossible.  There is hope after the rain.  If you are willing, you can choose to be happy and whole again.

My educational background includes a MA in Educational Leadership.  I am an iPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC) as well as a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).  I am also a Global active member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  I am the founder of Heart Desires Fulfillment Coaching where my goal is helping people unlock and fulfill their heart desires one step at a time. 

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