This Just In, Ladies: 10 Things That Completely Turn Men Off

Men are not feeling THIS.

girl in water

You think you know what turns guys ON, right? But what about what turns them off? Ladies, it's time for the cold, hard truth.

Here are 10 things that completely turn men off:

1. Really long fingernails
I'm pretty sure Edward Scissorhands never got a girlfriend, so I'd be willing to bet that Erin Scissorhands will also remain single. Men like women with nice nails—not nails we think might possibly scrape us, cut us, or stab us. Keep the nails short, girls. You're not impressing anyone.


2. Dumbing yourself down
A smart, ambitious, secure man will be attracted to your intelligence—not intimidated by it. And if you're finding that you're constantly dumbing yourself down to attract men, you're probably hanging out with too many dumb men.

3. Clinginess *cringe*
Men need time to be men. Give him the space he needs. And you'll also notice, when you do give him space, he'll start coming back to you.

4. Being mothered by someone who is NOT our mother
The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud tells us that we want to date our mother. Maybe. We want a woman who is as great as our mother, but we certainly don't want another mother.


5. Too much perfume
Perfume should accent your natural pheromones, not make you smell like the Christmas tree shop. There’s nothing worse than kissing a woman’s neck and your tongue going numb.

6. Too much makeup
Wear makeup to accentuate your features—not to create new features.

7. Leaving all of your clothes around
It’s a simple rule. If you're living together, you leave your clothes at home. If you're still in the early phases of dating, take them home with you.

8. Flirting with other guys
The easiest way to emasculate your man is to flirt with another guy right in front of him. If you're so bored with your life that you need to flirt with another guy to create drama, you're too immature for a relationship. Stay single until you grow up.


9. Being overly available
No matter what stage of the relationship you're in, you need to always maintain your own life outside of the relationship. If you smother him, he will run.

10. Being negative
Happy, confident men avoid negative women like the plague. Don’t be the plague, appreciate what you have.

If you want to learn how to turn ON guys and keep them excited about you, head on over to where I’ll teach you the inner workings of the male mind.