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This Is Why Some Women Only Attract Men With Wives And Girlfriends

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The Mistress Rarely Wins

Do you find that you seem to attract guys who always have girlfriends or wives? In other words, are you always the mistress?

If so, it could be that, inadvertently, you are sending out signals that are only picked up by those who are committed to others. You don't realize what your actions and body language are saying.

Now, why would a man who is in a loving and committed relationship blatantly go out to pick up another woman? Thanks to the married men and the scandalous boys I have met through my travels and studies, my conclusions may provide you with some insight.

Married men or those with girlfriends will have a high propensity for cheating and philandering with other women because they are looking for new excitement.

They still love the woman back home, but these men want something new to chase. They are hunters, and that caveman mentality leads them to infidelity. But many men are tamed hunters, especially if they are satisfied with their leading lady back home.

When the ring is on the finger and the soon-to-be "other" woman sees it clearly, she should not even take the breath to flirt with this man. Not unless he has some connection that is going to further her career or if she only wants a free drink. Keep moving on. He is not going to leave his wife.

It is even worse for men who are chasing who have girlfriends, because there is no visible sign that they are taken. Mentally, they have allowed themselves this freedom to be wild because they do not have anything physically to prove that they are committed to someone else. The "I'm only taken when she's around" philosophy becomes the mantra. 

Have you noticed that it's common when you go out just to be with your friends, not all dressed and made up, you tend to attract more men? This is because men can smell desperation.

A woman's neediness is more than apparent, and if he is looking for a one-night stand you are the first person he is going to come up to. Sure it's flattering — you are getting attention and free drinks! — but the aftermath never feels good when you find out he is in a committed relationship.

I have developed my "bad underwear" theory. When you wear ugly underwear, you do not expect to go home with anybody but yourself. When you have that "I don't care about finding a man" aura, you are more attractive and intriguing to the male species. Thus, they want you for you and not just a quickie.

If your self-esteem is low, it shows. Men know that women with low self-esteem are easy to get into the bedroom and take advantage of mentally and physically. These women are easy targets for a one-night stand. 

A number one rule for women to learn and understand in life is you can't change a man. Yes, he is thrilled to spend time with you. And if he is older, you most likely make him feel young again. As much fun as this is, you cannot convince this man to leave his wife or girlfriend.

Another red flag is men who keep reiterating the same point that they are going to leave their wives or girlfriends. But if you keep seeing him there's no reason for him to leave his other half. As hard as it may be, don't wait around for this man.

Sex also plays a key role. If he is not getting any action from his habitual lady, he will look elsewhere. But just because he says he isn't sleeping with his wife doesn't mean that's not true. You can't trust anything a cheater says because his actions are already speaking louder than his words. 

The characteristics of the mistress are usually the same. The mistress is the pretty, fun and successful girl. She is a joy to be around, while he has a martini-drinking, stress-inducing, non-sexual woman back home. When he's with you his problems back at home fade away. 

As soon as you find out there is someone else in his life, move on. What if he was your boyfriend and doing this to you? If he cheats on his girlfriend, more than likely it's not going to be hard for him to cheat again.

And even if he does leave his partner to be with you, somewhere in your mind you must always wonder if he will do it to you, too. And if so, this time you will be the one hurting. The mistress rarely wins.

Contributed by Telina McCord, MatchMaster & Dating Expert, Find Your Plus One