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Text Me, Maybe? Then Quickly Delete, Delete, Delete.

Text Me, Maybe? Then Quickly Delete, Delete, Delete.

An application launched in October of 2012 that allows users to hide contacts in their phone book and keep call logs and text messages invisible. Known as 'the cheater app', with a shake of the phone, any incriminating evidence disappears.

In Japan, a phone is quickly selling that masks calls and texts. Predominately used by men who are cheating on their wives or girlfriends, 'the Infidelity phone ' is making it easier to not get caught. 

If given the opportunity, would you download an app or buy a phone that gave you this level of privacy? Unless you are working undercover for the secret service or embarking on a private investigator career, it's hard to rationalize why this would be necessary unless you plan to cheat or are cheating.

Standard text messages tend to be conversational or filled with emoticons to convey expression. Unless your text is discussing a rendezvous with someone other than your significant other or is blatant proof you are cheating, chances are most texts don't need to be obliterated. 

Both men and women are actively using technology to cover-up their tracks. The company behind CATE, the cheater app, reports that the application is downloaded more by women than men. 

Deleting old messages and email to make room for phone memory is one thing. Destroying evidence to hide an affair or inappropriate relationship is another. Hiding the relationship won't hide the hurt or betrayal once it's discovered. 

Affairs are hard and can be challenging to recover from and unfortunately, there's not an app for fixing a broken heart.  

Contributed by Kimberly James, MatchMaster & Dating Expert,