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M.Psych, MA

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Counselor/Therapist, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

About Lucy Vittrup

I am a expert in human sexuality, sex educator, therapist and coach, public speaker, columnist and author.

I am a certified psychotherapist & coach and hold an MA in Cultural Studies from Copenhagen University and Université Sophia-Antipolis, Nice France. Furthermore, I am devoted to life long learning and have several Master Classes within the realm of psychologies like cognitive and positive psychology coaching.

I am the author of a book describing the concept of Erogy, which I also created manifesto for: Erogy - The Manifesto.

As a leading sexuality expert in my country, I have written hundreds of articles on sexuality for the largest media platform in Scandinavia, and the latest publication is an e-book in teenagers and sexuality in a technological world. It is my mission to help individuals and society raise awareness of sexuality as a life force that is at the centre of human existence. 

Among my clients count public individuals, television stars, hosts on leading live shows like X-Factor, international leaders, students groups, performing artist and private individuals for over 20 years and brought personal coaching to both the Danish national television companies and The Danish Royal Ballet.

I am an often used debator in Danish media also tests everything from sextech products to tantric vaginal mapping in order to always have own experience within the fields of experience of my readers and clients.

I pioneered  bringing professional cuddling to Denmark, where I started an entire “cuddling movement” with massive media coverage and the creation for the first Professional Cuddling Education.

Privately I have two children of 15 and 21. I am is a field worker within the sexual realm, and am devoted to continuously collect real life experience combined with studies of modern day human sexuality in all its dark and light corners.

I have lived in 7 countries, speak 5 languages am based in both Scandinavia and Latin America.

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