Empowering Women, Grief, Loss, & Bereavement, Life Transitions, Relationships, Self-Compassion, Stress Management, Trust Issues, Wellness



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Wellness Coach

About Erin Mason

Erin Mason is a licensed psychotherapist, certified yoga instructor, and published writer.

In therapeutic practice, Erin works with her clients to identify and cultivate innate resources, inspiring positive change and a more meaningful, rewarding life. Applying an integrative and comprehensive approach to wellness, she incorporates creative, innovative, and well-researched therapeutic strategies to help her clients achieve their unique goals.

Erin facilitates self-exploration by helping people navigate their internal landscape, connect to their experiences, and discover fulfilling and authentic relationships with themselves and others. She is passionate about helping to navigate transitions and cultivate balance through mindful awareness, body-mind integration, and healthy self-expression.

Continuously inspired by her clients’ resiliency, determination, and quest for self-understanding, Erin strives to honor different perspectives, develop innate strengths, and foster personal discovery. She challenges herself and others to think outside the box through the ongoing process of personal evolution. 

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