Couples/Marital Issues

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1-3 years


San Francisco CA 94107 - United States



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Author, Leadership Coach, Money Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Your partnership is the most important startup of your life. Yet no one teaches you how to be good at this stuff.

About Shannon Hall

I am a Ph.D. sociologist, positive psychology coach, and the founder of Epic Couples. My mission is to help you and your partner create your best possible life together.

I started Epic Couples because of my own experience navigating the relationship terrain. In my quest to be the best partner I can be, I spent countless hours diving into the science of relationships. There's a ton of good data on what works best in partnership, but none of it is presented in a way that's easy to grok and tailored for a new generation looking for love.

Epic Couples is a result of this quest.

I bring my background as a researcher, professor, and coach to distill the "best of the best" in relationship science. I've designed the
content with busy professionals in mind, creating short and effective modules for hyper-efficient learning, with proven techniques to increase your relationship intelligence. 

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