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Family Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach, Social Worker

About Engracia Gill

Hello, I am Engracia Gill. You may have visited my website www.engraciagill.com that gives you an idea of how I proceed when helping my clients achieve their goals. I know it takes courage to face oneself and I am always honored to walk that path with you.

My great joy is to facilitate healing in body, mind and spirit. Difficult life events such as career challenges, relationship issues, divorce and mood changes demand new coping skills that we are not always equipped to deal with by ourselves. I have helped hundreds of individuals and couples, men and women, find emotional balance and understanding of their own resiliency.

I have extensive experience using interventions that address the whole of you. I have given lectures on how to cultivate intimacy with others and with oneself. In the balance of the dance between self and other, we as humans find true fulfillment.

I am warm, open with an easy laugh. I have an abiding interest in the human heart and mind. I marvel at the joy I continue to find in doing this healing work with you.

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