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Passion drives us all, mine is for all.

About Bronwyn Minnie

Professional writer, researcher, poet, wellness coach and editor with a passion for life and all it holds with a diploma in personal nutrition and weight loss.

Bronwyn Minnie Success Stories

Writing Success


At age 14 I discovered that I had a love for words as I poured out my feelings into poetry. With every passing year my love and passion grew and by age 16 I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life, write. That same year I competed in a national poetry contest and received a bronze and silver certificate for writing poems. I moved from poetry to also include short stories, dabbling all the way. My family was not rich and even though we were not completely poor either, there was just not enough money to enroll in a writing school. They tried, I was enrolled and my first six months paid but after that, there were just not enough funds, so, the studying stopped. I did not however, I kept on writing poetry, stories, and songs even.more

At 19 I met the love of my life, we married the next year and had our first daughter the following year. My life took a turn away from writing, yet, I was happy and life was good. Three years later we had another daughter and most of my time was spent as a wife and mother, time for writing became less and less as life happened. Nonetheless, I still dabbled in between, whenever time allowed me to do so but it was never published or even read by more than my closest family members.

Life, on the other hand, had different plans for me. In our seventh year of marriage, we went through a dramatic event. A motor vehicle accident tried to claim my husband. After hours of surgeries, 2 steel plates and 10 pins in his back, more unforeseen events and life grabbing at all our hearts he came home to us but could not walk. He was bedridden and declared a paraplegic. We had just bought a farm and had no other income as I was not working. Our outlook on life was bleak but love and hope were always present, knocking at the doors of our hearts.

We had to sell the farm and move back to renting a home as we could not pay the bond. Soon though, a miracle was received and movement was noted in my husband's legs. After months of physical therapy, he started to walk, looking like a grab or a duck most of the time but walking nonetheless. Soon he returned to work and providing for us all. A normality was somewhat restored. However, our struggles were far from over as we would learn down the line. 

Another ten years passed and life was good. Yet, this is no fairytale and life has many obstacles to overcome. This time round it was a motorcycle accident, although traumatic to us all, it was with less dramatic impact. Or, so we thought. After an operation to his hand with more pins and a brace for his knee, he returned to work after a couple of months. Little did we know then that it was not over yet.

A year went by and recession hit our country like many countries across the globe. Many good and hard working men lost their jobs, a lot of companies were also handing out retirement packages. We saw this as an opportunity to start our own business and decided to take the package. This decision was not made lightly though. We considered his constant struggles with his physical work and the payout before making it final. 

Thus, we entered the world of business by renting a restaurant and trying our hand at cooking. This too did not go as planned as the owners had other plans and we were just the breaching capital they needed. After six months our rent payment went up and we could no longer afford to stay open. We closed with heavy hearts as we had put all our eggs into the one basket with nothing left to show. With two teenagers still in school, living in a wendy house on families property and no income once again life seemed unfair. I started searching the web for some kind of place where my only talent, writing, could offer some sort of income. I tried a variety of online sites and had to learn how to write articles, academic papers and more. Yet, most of these sites were a failure or the income was barely enough to cover the immediate costs. I eventually after a year found a site that connected the writer and companies. This site was legit and soon I started to breathe as our lives slowly turned. I was doing the one thing I loved, I was writing. Yes, I was not writing poetry and stories but I was writing.

My husband couldn't find any permanent work and was doing construction where ever he could. This was not life's plan either as one of the pins in his back started to pull out and was on its way to push out through his skin on this back. He needed an operation to remove it, which is not cheap and without a medical aid or cover, we could not see this happening. I had build-up my income and had some regular clients by then but it was not enough to be able to do this. Even though I am not the type of person to give up, life was just getting a little heavy to carry.

This is when the second miracle was delivered. One of my clients reached out and offered me a more solid writing position with a much better income offer. Needless to say, I grabbed at it with both hands and never let go. Slowly but surely over the last year, our lives have normalized, my husband had his operation and life is good again. It might not be over yet as I am sure there is much still to come, and I might not be the next Stephen King yet, but for now, all is as it should be.

Never loose yourself, never give up and never, ever lose hope. Life happens to us all, how we go on defines who we turn out to be.

Traveling and Cars Around the World


While visiting a client in NYC, we came to discuss the selection of traveling methods found especially in South Africa and America. This was for buying, leasing and renting cars. So, I thought I'd share some of that with you.more

Traveling abroad can at times be difficult, yet, with helpful car rental and leasing agencies, this becomes a breeze. Traveling to South Africa, for instance, provides you with a variety of car agencies at just about every airport. You can land, get off the plane and simply stroll into anyone of the car agency such as Avis or Budget. You sign a contract, pay, get the keys and drive off into the country. Heading to your destination without much hassle. Nonetheless, this can be an issue if you do not know the roads, road rules or aren't able to drive on the left-hand side of the road. They do have taxis there but not as we find in other countries throughout the world.

But, in most of America, India and general Europe we find taxis as being the majority of transport means for tourists. Renting or even leasing a car for a short period such as 3 to 6 months, or even just 1 month is difficult to find. Most car rentals or car leases are for a three-year period and does not suit travelers or holiday makers.

On the other hand, these car lease periods are ideal for locals and you will find many car leasing companies throughout these countries, maybe not in every town, but surely in most. Some of these are even online such as eAutoleasing and you can easily do your car leasing in the comfort of your own home. These agencies are less common in countries found in Africa and buying is mostly the best option for locals as rentals or car leases can be quite expensive.

In Europe, Japan, America, and other countries taking a taxi to your hotel and then using busses, taxis or managing per foot is generally not such a big issue. In Canada the best and most used form of transport is buses, this is also said to be the cheapest form of travel in Canada. Nevertheless, in South Africa and most of Africa, it is not always the best option. Taxis are no new concept to Africa, yet, these are not the safest way of traveling the African countries. There are many stories about why this is and so many of them never get to the international news. Buses is neither a great option, thus, you are left with renting or buying even.

Visiting America for instance, you will see most towns are close together and a variety of entertainment can be found on every street and corner. There is a variety of nightclubs, movie theaters, markets and more. In the African countries, many towns are very small and great distances apart. Yes, this can also be said of the greater America, India, and Canada. Still, there is a big difference. In Africa, the entertainment industries are not as big or even popular as they use to be.

When traveling the world or deciding on a destination, be sure of the best traveling methods in the country you are going to, to ensure a safer journey.

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