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10 years +


Virginia Beach VA 00001 - United States



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Career Coach, Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Family Coach, Health Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

I believe that ANYONE can experience their best and most extraordinary life possible.  And I want to show exactly how that happens.

About Ellen Whitehurst

I am Ellen Whitehurst, author, speaker, teacher, healer and Better Living Lifestyle Expert - and I believe in magic and miracles - and I believe in you! See I also believe that at any time you choose you can also ‘Experience YOUR Extraordinary Life’ too. My first book, MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House, 2008), currently in 4th Printing, are simply pages and pages of this passion pouring out of me. And that’s because my passion and my mission truly is to share (sometimes secret) tips and techniques but always fun and easy ways to success, romance, health, harmony, happiness and prosperity. And that’s just the beginning of all the extraordinary you can experience.

Towards that same sharing the wealth (of information that is) end I write a daily tip for iVillage.com that currently gets distributed to over a half million opted-in subscribers daily while also being featured on Care2.org and Yahoo’s Shine.com as well. The multiple ebooks and reports that I write and distribute from my site and with my partner DailyOM.com consistently rank in their Top Ten seller category and have sold in the tens of thousands. I’m sure that those sales reflect not only my expertise in different arenas of life as well as share my sometimes quirky and (hopefully) entertaining advice from ages-old traditions and customs from around the globe. I mean, if something’s been working for thousands and thousands of years then I’m sold. Of course I hope that you will be too. So, in short, sharing time-tested and ancient wisdom that addresses and alleviates modern day dilemmas with ease and grace is what I’m all about. I am also passionate about holistic health and wellness and assess and address that same arena as his  Ultimate Holistic Health Guide on DoctorOz.com. I am a features contributor to The  Huffington Post, Spry Living as well as a host of other like minded websites while once upon a time writing as a monthly marquee columnist for ‘Redbook,’ ‘Seventeen’ and ‘CosmoGirl!’  magazines.

MORE magazine even made me blush recently when they called the Ellen Whitehurst brand “a mini holistic empire.” I’m working on that ‘mini’ part though. I love contributing to social media too and make sharing actionable and inspirational posts my priority! I am  sincere and humbled by being able to connect with such wonderful communities on  these pages and want anyone visiting with me to walk away feeling happy and whole, loved and livin’ large. My YouTube channel  and my facebook page both garner tens of  thousands of views each month while my own trademarked monthly astrology/Feng Shui report called SHUISTROLOGY is subscribed to by thousands!

And my yearly in-depth, empowering and amazingly accurate yearly astrology reports, such as this next New Year’s Shuistrology for your best year yet-2014! are hugely popular and prophetic too!

I have, as well, product partnered with great success with a host of FORUNE 500 companies, contributing to cross branding merchandising protocols such as Ellen Whitehurst’s ‘Feng Shui in a Cup’ for STARBUCKS while also spearheading the best-selling ‘Ellen Whitehrust Feng Shui Flatpen Bookmark’ for Barnes and Noble booksellers. I even had my own line of merch in the retail industry giant, Nordstroms, Inc. while successfully selling my own products through the shop on my site.

Okay, I think you’ve got the gist. I’ve got your back. From Feng Shui to aromatherapy, holistic healing to making magic and miracles I want you to have all the love, romance, health, happiness and prosperity your heart and your life can hold! And I want that for you right now! So, until we meet again, know that I’m sending you all my good energies, blessings and belief that we can, together, experience YOUR extraordinary life! XOXOE

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