Get Fit And Rock Your Sex Life!

Get Fit and Rock Your Sex Life!

Do you workout regularly, eat well and take great care of yourself?


Well, don't you like to have great sex?

It turns out that the two are very much related. Obviously, there's the physical side of things where being more athletic allows you to be, well, more athletic in the bedroom. However, there are some other factors that come into play that you may not have thought much about.

I hope that these "sexy benefits" will inspire you to take a renewed look at your health and maybe even motivate you to workout with your spouse.

And yes, you can get physical together with and without sex.

3 Ways Improving Your Fitness Can Improve Your Sex Life

1. Feel Better

At our couples fitness site Fit Marriage and on our podcast The Fit Marriage Show, we have been fortunate to work with a number of couples who have lost inches from their waist line, increased their cardiovascular fitness, and strengthened/toned their bodies with brief workouts and sensible eating.

Aside from the improved intimacy that comes from simply supporting each other in meeting their fitness goals, the overwhelming response we hear is that as these couples began to feel better physically their desire for physical intimacy with their spouse increased significantly.

If you're not sure which fitness program to start out with, you might want to check out the Thrive90 Fitness program which is designed specifically for busy couples.  It's helped many couples reduce their waistline while increasing their libido.

2. Endless Energy

As you become more fit and your body is running at optimum levels, the energy you have will benefit you and your spouse. Now instead of plopping in bed, turning on the TV and falling asleep, it's game on.

You will simply have more energy at the end of a long day to have sex with enthusiasm! Make a commitment to your physical fitness, regain the energy and stamina you've lost over the years, and see what happens in your sexual intimacy.

3. Be Comfortable with Your Body

A big problem we have in our society is the lack of confidence we have in ourselves and our bodies. A physical fitness program is a fabulous way for you to gain the confidence you need to be comfortable in front of your spouse or the mirror.

There is nothing sexier than a mate that feels desirable and self-confident. It's time to get into a physical fitness routine to jump start your body and your desire for sex that will blow you and your spouse away. You owe it to yourself, your spouse and your marriage.

Make the decision to get fit and reap the benefits in your entire life, including your sex life.