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About Susan Ricketson

As a child of 8 years old, after suffering traumatic loses and experiences, I had a life changing experience (which I only remembered towards the end of writing my book) that some might call on epiphany. Looking out of my bedroom window one night I saw the moon through the willow tree and prayed to not be so lonely and confused.

I made a decision that night to write a book when I grew up that would help others with similar experiences which became The Dilemma of Love.

After a successful childhood and college my life began to unravel in my mid 20's. Up to this time with three beautiful children, I thought I have a perfect marriage. Confronted with the reality of a failing relationship I sought out a coach/counselor. She helped me clear up all my confusion and get my life turned around. She even helped with sorting out my childhood and making peace with the negatives and having gratitude for all the blessings. It was success upon success after that. I made a decision to help other people the way she helped me. Back to school I went, followed by a fulfilling career in Ct. which included a healing center. I saw it was a gift I was given and always endeavor to use it with humility and gratitude. I love success and am proud to say the rate of that in my clients is 99%. I put 100% plus into my clients and ask they do their very best. They do and yea! Happy people!

I'm told I have helped people make sense of what they were and are going through and make healthy choices around that. We make goals and attain them so they see results.

My specialties include co-dependency, relationship therapy, battered spouces, marriage counseling, finding your purpose, freedom from compulsion, divorce separation and loss.  I help people who are divorced or widowed who want to begin life again but aren't quite sure how to get started. I mentor coach those who would like to have advanced work in helping others. I assist people who think they are "over the hill" and get them to recognize their talents and abilities and have the senior part of their life come alive with satisfaction.

Since I love to see results, I love to see people make choices, take action, and commit to something's they desire.

I love to help people!

Susan Ricketson Success Stories

Anger and Grief Management Testimonials


“The Anger and Grief Management workshop conducted by Dr. Susan Ricketson was phenomenal. It dealt with emotions we all have yet can’t express. I was able to work through issues I had been harboring my entire life and hadn’t addressed. Issues that have undermined my health and well being which I needed to release. The workshop set me on a path to recovery and I am grateful for Dr. Ricketson’s wisdom and guidance. She is an amazing therapist and counselor and I would recommend the workshop to anyone who has ever been in a relationship that has caused them grief or anger. And that would be just about every one of us! Thank you, Dr. Ricketson!!”
– Ruth Arnold, Tucson, Arizona
“During the two year period that I have known Sue she suggested several times that I take her anger workshop. I always declined because I was not an angry person. Finally, when things in my life were not improving, I decided to give it a try.
What I can say is that I’m very glad that I did. I learned that anger is a widespread problem and different ways of dealing with the anger of other people. However, more importantly for me, I learned the source and repression of my own anger. This was quite a surprise as I always considered myself to be a polite and under control person. Through Sue’s help and participation in the workshop, I also learned how to release and clear my anger. As a result, I feel that her workshop was truly a life changing experience and well worth the time and costs.”
– Stan Frank
“When Susan mentioned her workshop on anger management, I thought to myself “Well, I’m not angry at anyone, I don’t really need it.” But as I thought about it more I realized I did have some unresolved anger issues, if not with other people, certainly with myself. I have always been much harder on myself than I have been on others. I also had just gotten divorced 6 months before and I did have some lingering anger at my ex-husband for not being the person I wanted him to be. Realizing this was something that needed work, I decided to participate in the class.
The class was very informative and inter-active, with lots of guided imagery to help us get into our hearts prior to participation .  It was nice being a part of the class with other people, even though it was over the phone, there was still a nice connection with the other people involved.more

I particularly enjoyed the information regarding the different aspects of anger, a topic I had never really examined in depth before. It was very helpful, since now I can recognize anger in other people, and be more discerning about who I allow into my life.
After participating in Susan’s class, I became aware of the two biggest issues I have with anger:
1.         My use of anger for controlling other people, which included (1) pouting to get my way and (2) taking myself away from others by withdrawing from communication.
2.         Anger at myself for (1) not being good enough and (2) for making choices which proved I was not good enough.
After Susan’s class I now have a good grasp of how and when I was use anger as a tool to get what I want, as well as being able to recognize when others do the same. When anger arises now I can usually channel it into creation by physical exercise or physical labor to alleviate the pain and bring me peace.
I recommend Susan’s class to anyone who is struggling with anger issues, or, like me, anyone who thinks they might not really need it. When you are on the road to recovery, nothing makes you gain more ground than understanding the process and receiving helpful hints about how to make the journey smoother. Thank you.”
–Robin Ann Hall

Personal Life Coach & Counseling Testimonials


Susan Ricketson provides a special type of counseling that is very different from other therapists I have seen. Most importantly, she is very invested in the success of her clients and gave of herself personally to make me feel like she was my nonjudgemental friend and that I was safe. She also is adept at phone sessions which made it much more convenient for me to fit in sessions around my traveling schedule. She was very helpful in my healing and progress.
–MW- Tucson, AZmore

When I first contacted Susan I was a complete wreck – I was extremely depressed and everything in my life was out of control. The pain from this was unbearable and frankly left me feeling I had no options. Circumstances and the way I was dealing with them was my recipe for personal disaster.

Even I find it almost unbelievable how things have changed so drastically for the positive since I have worked with Susan. She has been a coach, a trusted friend, a tutor, a navigator, and so many more things that I marvel at how she manages to do what she does. I feel that her method of working with me was so very personal – my exact feelings, my specific situation and my unique environment were her working ground – no one else’s. She has an ability to extract the ‘real’ situation and quickly define the ‘real’ happenings. With her I learned I could define the fresh positive situation that I desired for myself and she assisted me in creating that. I am now feeling empowered in my life and have since begun making positive directional changes; I feel excited about my life and my future and feel happy and in harmony.

There is no arena in which Susan cannot coach. From childhood experiences, past and present relationships, my spirituality, the political ramifications in situations, my career objectives, and my personal goals. All were addressed during my time with Susan.

I have a Bachelor degree from the University of Arizona and am presently attending school to further my education. However, the knowledge I received while working with Susan has been priceless. I am proud to know her and to recommend her as a highly competent professional.
– Ann Van Dielen  Nursing Student

“Since I have been coaching with Dr. Ricketson, my golf score has improved radically. I enjoy the game in a whole new way; I am in a more relaxed state of being. This was my first goal. I did not know how much coaching could do for me and I soon found out! Since then, I have gotten rid of all the clutter in my office by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks. It hasn’t been the tedious job I anticipated. With Susan, everything ends up being a challenge instead of a job because of her style. As I eliminated energy draining things and people I was tolerating (and didn’t even realize it), I have more energy and I am in the best health I have ever been in. I was spending 60 hours a week at work and now can do as much in 45 hours or less. I recommend her.”
– Donald Weiss MBA Executive

“I recommend Dr. Susan Ricketson for coaching or other modalities she offers. I am a work in progress since I have only been coaching for 6 months. I have accomplished a number of my short-term goals and am working toward my long term ones. I have developed an exercise program and I am stronger, firmer and slimmer as a result. My practice is successful, yet my office and staff needed some attention. I made some significant changes and the office is running efficiently with an upbeat attitude. I was caught in what I call excessive commercialism and collecting (sounds better than compulsive spending and hoarding) and truly need nothing materially at this time. I have come out of that and have developed some very rich experiences for my family and myself as well. My spiritual life has become more grounded and richer. I have the inner peace now that I used to seek.”
– Dr. Carl Torelli   Internist Family Practice

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