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“I am truly honored and blessed to be of service when called to do so. When I meet privately with a client I treat it as a sacred collaboration between my client, myself, and our spirit guides. It’s my clear intention to provide the best possible service to meet my client’s needs, whether it’s spiritual guidance, Soul Healing, or any other modality.”

About Steven Farmer


Thanks for checking me out. If you’ve come this far then you know that I’m a spiritual healer, a term that gives you at least a hint about what I do. Based on my experiences of many years as a non-traditional psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner, I firmly believe that all emotional, physical, and mental disturbances and illness have at their foundation a spiritual cause. To treat these conditions I work with my helping spirits to facilitate healing at a soul level, which is why I also call my healing services “Soul Healing.”

If you’ve been feeling fragmented, depressed, anxious, or having challenges with addictions of any sort, while other therapeutic modalities can certainly help, it’s likely that there is some disturbance at the level of spirit that is manifesting as these symptoms. Even physical symptoms all have at their source a spiritual cause, and it’s through Soul Healing that we can mediate the spiritual cause that can then manifest as greater health and vitality.

Although there are other spiritual causes, one of the most common is soul loss, often the result of trauma, with symptoms that are similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). My job is to collaborate with my spirit guides and the client to find and retrieve the lost soul fragment and restore it to the individual so they can function as a whole person. I’ve seen many healing miracles resulting from this process as well as other shamanic methodologies and feel very blessed to offer soul healing and intuitive readings through my private sessions, both remote and in person. 

Further, my mission is to support our remembrance and reconnection to our Earth Mother and encourage a deep awareness of our intimate interconnectedness to all beings on the planet, to know that God is in everything and expresses as everything including YOU!

My education includes a B.A. in psychology from the University of California, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Chapman University,  a Ph.D. from Madison University and the completion of a three-year program in advanced Shamanic Studies. I am truly passionate about my work, and enjoys hobbies such as singing and songwriting, camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing and of course writing articles and blogs. I make my home in Laguna Beach, California with my wife, Jesseca and my two beautiful step-daughters, Serena and Arianna.

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