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Are You Selfish? 6 Ways To Tell

Are You Selfish? 6 Ways To Tell [EXPERT]

Healthy, happy relationships are based on caring, cooperation, and commitment. Your partner and relationship must be a top priority for you. Selfishness, or being overly concerned with just your needs, wants, and feelings prevents you from holding up your end of a mutually satisfying relationship. 6 Unsexy Ways To Tell If You’re Soulmates — Or Just Roommates

Many people don't recognize when they're being selfish because they operate inside a bubble of me-first thoughts and beliefs. Putting yourself first becomes a habit. For example, with friends and colleagues, you look for opportunities to put yourself center stage. You spend very little time listening because your focus is on pulling attention back to you. Eventuall,y this way of being pushes others away from you. In your intimate relationship, it creates hurt and resentment. Men With This Kind Of Face Are More Selfish, Study Says

Here are six ways to tell that you're selfish:

  1. You like being in control and find it difficult to compromise.
  2. Giving and sharing do not come easily to you.
  3. Putting your partner's needs first — before your own — is very difficult.
  4. You hear constructive criticism as personal attacks.
  5. You become moody when others have the spotlight.
  6. Forgiving others is difficult.

It's important to see that being selfish is not the same as being hostile or mean-spirited. Selfishness is not directed against others; it's a misguided way of making yourself feel more adequate or worthy. Sister Wives: Is Having 17 Kids Selfish?

There is also no gene for selfishness; it's a learned behavior. That means like any other bad habit it can be changed. Your relationships, intimate or otherwise, are the perfect place to practice changing. Use the everyday interactions that go on in your relationship as opportunities to be less selfish. Make a conscious effort to shift your focus from me first to we first.

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