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Counselor/Therapist, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

About Perrin Elisha


For more than 20 years, Relationships Re-Wired Founder, psychologist, psychoanalyst, teacher and author, Dr. Perrin Elisha has been developing and teaching the tools, mindset, and strategies that have helped thousands of people transform their relationships into secure bonds through which they can get their most human of needs (security, understanding, support) met and manifest their true self with respect and trust.

Why? She’s been there—having had early relationships trauma and having to learn the long and hard way how to find one’s way from dysfunction to thriving relationships. Dr. Elisha was adopted at birth—a fundamental attachment trauma which she has healed through the power of loving relationships and the insights of depth therapy. But it didn't go smoothly, and she learned over decades, through painful personal trial and error, and eventually through the clarifying lens of psychoanalysis and attachment theory. She learned the simple yet profound fundamentals of healthy bonds. When we understand these principles we suddenly have a map for the complex and multi-dimensional world of relationships! Dr. Elisha used these principles to do her own healing work, and to learn to choose a partner wisely, and how to develop thriving, lifelong bonds with family, children, a partner, and of course friendships. These principles have helped her students and her patients to transform their self-identity and their relationship life.

What Dr. Elisha is providing now is the condensed and user-friendly comprehension of these decades of personal experience, education, and clinical practice. Many of her patients have expressed the sentiment – “why didn’t someone teach me this when I was 20, or 30”?!!  This course is a response to that sentiment – everything Dr. Elisha wish she had known at 20 and hopes that generations to come can utilize to bypass decades of unnecessary suffering caused by a lack of information and guidance. Please visit www.relationshipsrewired.com to learn about this exciting 7-week course to succeed in love with the science-based map you'll be glad to have!


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