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In merging traditional medicine and healing techniques with cutting edge science to restore vitality.

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I am a Naturopathic Doctor who's goal is to bring more traditional forms of healing to the masses. We have become so accustom to taking a prescription for every little ailment that we forget the body's natural capability to heal and restore. There is a time and place for every type of medicine, Naturopathic medicine shines when we are looking at chronic 'lifestyle' diseases. I am so grateful to my mother who brought me to my first Naturopathic doctor as a young child. I grew up knowing how powerful this medicine is. Most people aren't that lucky and my goal is to make it as accessible as possible. I work with diet, hormones, sleep, gut issues, and fatigue as my most common complaints from patients. I also see what is referred to as 'stealth infections' like chronic mold issues, Lyme's disease, or Epstein Barr Virus (EBV). I utilize every option available to me for the most effective, least invasive protocol for every patient which includes prescriptions when needed, preform nutrient IV's, suggest medical grade supplements, diet modifications, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, BioScan sessions, and botanical medicine. Every patient leaves with an individualized plan for optimal health. 


I am an Arizona native. I spent one year of undergrad in Ohio but the bulk of my studies were done at Northern Arizona University (Go Lumberjacks!) where I received my Bachelor's of Science in BioMedical Studies. My capstone class and project was on epigenetics and how while we all have the same chromosomes, no two people are the same. I love to take a day trip and get out of the Valley to escape to my favorite mountains and go hiking. Being the native I am I chose to do my graduate work at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Arizona. Studying in AZ meant I was exposed to the broadest scope of practice and have the ability to practice in the most informed professional way. Arizona recognizes ND/NMDs as primary care physican's and we can order labs and imaging as well as prescribe medications as we deem fit. When I'm not working I am guaranteed to be distracted by my two small girls, two big dogs, a crazy rescue cat, and/or my husband. I play the violin, roller skate, and dabble in baking when I have this elusive thing called 'down time'. 


I offer free 10 minute phone consults to see if we would be a correct match. If I know I am not the doctor for you I won't waste your time. Feel free to call with a list of questions that I can answer for you, but a lot of the most common questions are answered in my blog below. I practice in two locations, Casa Grande and East Mesa, Arizona. I also utilize telemedicine (secure webcam appointments) if traveling is an issue. 


In Good Health,

Dr. Kelly Winnett



"Respect. I have never been to a doctor that not only listened to me the way Dr. Winnett did but also respected my thoughts, opinions and feelings in regards to treatment. I do not impress easily but I was beyond impressed by the thoroughness of the testing; amount of time she spent consulting with me and how she broke down and explained the labs and test results to me. I felt I FINALLY got the time and type of consultation I deserved as a patient. I FINALLY got the answers I was looking for. I had explanations and understanding for the first time as a 51 year old woman struggling with menopause and its symptoms, I can attest that Dr. Winnett truly does have a gift when it comes to understanding hormones, HRT and what one needs to feel rebalanced. Her approach is reasonable, logical, practical and backed up by science. It is also an approach that includes understanding and compassion. She is not peddling 'the fountain of youth' or pushing unnecessary cosmetic procedures like so many other doctors in this area who supposedly treat menopause. I wish I had found her first before I had gone to any other doctor when I started HRT. I will say Dr. Winnett will be the ONLY Dr. I go to for now on when it concerns my hormonal health and well being. I also can not say enough nice things about Monica and her other office staff as they have always been accommodating, gracious, polite and a joy to work with. Genuinely nice people who really like what they do and it shows. I am truly happy they are here in Casa Grande. We are lucky to have such an excellent place and quality doctors right here in town." -J.D. patient since 2019

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