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About Jacqueline Williams

I am an active and supportive listener who demonstrates genuineness, warmth, empathy, and sensitivity.  I have provided psychotherapy to a diverse population of adults and senior adults for 18 years. I specialize in depression, anxiety, women issues (i.e., infertility, postpartum depression, menopuase, midlife transition/aging, etc.), and couple/marital (heterosexual and homosexual) relationship issues. I also provide psychological and psycho-educational, forensic, and medical-related comprehensive testing services; life coaching; and psychological/behavioral consultation.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental, and objective atmosphere in which to explore each individual's needs as they arise, reframe negative thinking, and develop new coping skills. I provide a supportive environment for parents (especially mothers) to transition, as smoothly as possible, to a different emotional bond with their child who has moved from adolescence to young adulthood. A warm environment to help parents mend the "gaping hole" in their heart when their child leaves home to begin his/her adult life. This natural developmental process can be successful without distress and negative moods.It has been stated that “her [psychologist] genuine, warm, and friendly manner makes her an easy person to be with and contribute to the ease with which she establishes rapport both with clients and staff members”.

My practice is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which identify “dysfunctional”, “irrational”, "crooked"  thinking that causes people to experience depression, anxiety, frustration, and/or anger. Our automatic negative thoughts are rooted in our core belief system that originated during our childhood and cause us to experience depression and/or anxiety when obstacles (real or perceived) or distressing circumstances come into our lives. I teach my client to recognize words, thoughts, and events that trigger negative, irrational thoughts and to restructure these irrational thoughts into rational thoughts by disputing and challenging the irrational thoughts. The way we think directly influence the way we feel and the way we behave. We will all experience losses, obstacles, "bumps in the road"; it's how we handle, manage life's curve balls that determine the severity of the obstacles we encounter.

I help individuals develop personal uniqueness, growth, and self-expression on many human levels. This creates a more productive, effective, and qualitative style of life. “Motivation is the key to change…accepting change is the key to healthy living.” Therapy changes lives.


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