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About Ish Major


I'm Dr. Ish Major, a board certified psychiatrist, author and on camera expert!

I've spent the last 10 years demystifying the male psyche. I went to school at The University of South Carolina School of Medicine and I specialize in women, children, families and relationships! As a psychiatrist trained to help people with depression, anxiety and substance issues, I found that most of these problems are originally caused by broken relationships. As a dating expert and single guy, I know the tell tale signs men show when they aren't being truthful or are flat out lying to you. I've identified the key defining moments of relationshiops and it's my goal to help you make the right connection at every turn. Consider me your 'Inside Man' when it comes to figuring out how men think!

I'm an on camera expert and a frequent guest on The Today show, Nancy Grace and Fox News. Along side Kathie Lee, Hoda and Matt I've appeared with the likes of Brooke Shields, Kourtney Kardashian, Carrie Fisher, Lesley Jane Seymour and the then Editor in Chief of Cosmo, Kate White as we empower women across the country with insights and clues to the subtle and not subtle things they can do to find that special magic at every age and every stage of their relationships. I've also been featured in Cosmo, More Magazine and Happen Magazine on Match.com helping single ladies hit home runs in the dating game. I feel fortunate to be a highly sought after relationship consultant and was named to the prestigious list of America’s Top Psychiatrists and One of The Leading Physicians of the World.

I believes that only by getting clear about who you are and what you want can you have a real chance at finding true happiness ever after. In decoding men’s lies I created Little White Whys and The Cheater Meter. ‘Whys’ helps empower you to make better relationship decisions by revealing the hidden truths in men’s lies.  The Cheater Meter is an app for your Smartphone that measures how likely a guy is to cheat on you! When people are sick and tired of not having the love the feel they deserve they come see me!

I was born and raised in South Carolina with five sisters, one brother, eight aunts and two loving parents. Surrounded by women, I became an expert in understanding women’s’ psyches at an early age. They were my first teachers and this is where I found my drive to not only understand how people interact but also to see women truly happy. While my older sister’s were dating in the front parlor I was the curious little brother eavesdropping down the hall.

I live in Manhattan, New York where I practice and continue to relish every opportunity to help people get unstuck and move forward in their relationships and their lives to find happiness. I thoroughly enjoy the multicultural energy and the sexy Dating, Mating and Relating life of the city!

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