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Vulnerability and empathy are the foundation of all relationships - they pave the way for intimacy and joy. 

About Dr. Alicia H. Clark

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and have maintained a private practice in Washington, DC since 1999, where I specialize in relationships and anxiety, parenting, and coping with stressors ranging from the mundane to the extremes of modern life. Named one of Washington's Top Doctors by Washingtonian Magazine, I help people understand the broader impacts of anxiety and depression in their life stages, and how interpersonal relationship patterns can substantially affect these experiences. My current areas of interest include harnessing the productive power of anxiety, the commodity of attention, and the critical role of empathy and emotional expression in relationships.

I am a Professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where I teach Psychopathology and therapy skills to doctoral candidates at the Washington, DC campus. I have published in the areas of trauma, alcohol use, and adult development, and have spoken at international Women’s Leadership conferences on Anxiety, Life Transitions, and Wellness. Additionally, I have appeared on local television broadcasts about relationships, mood regulation, and eating disorders, and have been cited in over 100 online and print publications, including the Associated Press, Time, Forbes, American Express Open Forum, Men’s Health, Parents, and Shape. I maintain a weekly blog on my website where I write on balance, productivity, relationships, and parenting, and am social on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

An active participant in a variety of women’s professional organizations and community based charities, I also enjoy yoga, racket sports and trail running. I live in the District of Columbia with my husband and two children.

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