Aging & Geriatric Issues

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25 years +


Philadelphia PA 19129 - United States



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Physician/MD, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



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Everything is fixable and I believe everyone matters.

About Dr Sy Powell

As a Physican/Health coach I have dual healer qualifications. Adding coaching has enhanced my effectiveness and taught me how listening is a powerful component of healing. As a coach, I get to hear you, to engage you, to support and guide you in achieving your goals. As a physician, I am well versed in what works and what doesn’t work within the traditional medicine model.

I have since found a way to share my expertise with others. Through my health coaching 12 week program, Balance to Bloom: Conscious Eating, women are changing their food and lifestyle choices and getting amazing results. One of my diabetic clients has decreased her HgA1C level in just 2 weeks in the program. Another client has lost 12 lbs and dropped one pant size! No drugs, crazy diets, surgery or deprivation. The following is a short list of the benefits of the program:

  • Cut through the “diet talk” and learn the answer to the question, “Just what do I get to eat?”
  • Lose 20 pounds in just 30 days AND sustain that loss.
  • Understand how low quality sleep or no sleep negatively effects your mood, energy level, and brain function
  •  Learn how movement and breathing techniques are your built in, no cost to you, tools to manage your stress

Choose CONSCIOUS EATING  and  learn to work smarter instead of harder. Have a conversation with Dr. Sy to discuss the roadblocks and challenges you need to address to put you on the path to successful, sustainable weight loss. Join her Zoom group coaching sessions for guidance, support, and accountability. Visit her website BalancetoBloom.com for information about her services or to schedule a free consultation call.

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