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Author, Speaker/Presenter, Weight Loss Coach, Wellness Coach

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We are feeling beings that happen to think, not thinking beings that happen to feel.

About Stephen Van Schoyck, PhD

Dr. Stephen R. Van Schoyck is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice in Bucks County, PA since 1984. His practice is a general practice of clinical psychology treating adults, couples, families, and children. HIs treatment philosophy is eclectic drawing from interpersonal, dynamic, systems, and cognitive behavioral theories. Dr. Van Schoyck believes that many mental health symptoms reflect mismanagement of emotions generated through interpersonal relationships. By learning what these emotions mean, and how to use them, the person becomes emotionally healthier and more capable of solving relationship problems. 

Based on his experiences working in weight control for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, Dr. Van Schoyck published his first book, THE BURN RATE DIET in 2001 with HarperCollins. His second book, LOOKING FOR YOUR SELF IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES: How To Recognize Your Authentic Self and Live On Your Terms, is completed and soon to be published.  

Dr. Van Schoyck graduated from Princeton University in 1975 and received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati in 1984. He has been married for over 40 years, with four adult children and four grandchildren. He is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Stephen Van Schoyck, PhD Success Stories


Women in complicated relationships

     Great book...Many self-help books read like an instruction manual whereas you take the reader on a journey through concepts, history, personal stories, and steps to take. The chapter on yourself is great too because people would be genuinely interested in the journey the author took and how they obtained the expertise to write the book...I was able to read it without getting bored or feeling like too much info at once... So many people reject the idea that they may not need meds and never really resolve the real issue. It seems more acceptable to say they have a biological chemical imbalance and be done with it. I am not sure how to go about getting people to really see how profound an impact your family role has on you, specifically how we create our self for others and how to get back to recognizing our authentic self If they did, this country would not be in the sad state of affairs that it is today.more

Woman, age 48, Feasterville, PA


Women dealing with stress

First, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your manuscript. I truly took my time to understand the ideas you were presenting with the birth of a New American Psychology. I never believed Freud got it right. In the beginning chapters of your book, I found your personal experiences and the use of real case studies an excellent approach to understanding the blueprint of our family and the difference between the Authentic Self and the Self For Others. It was not until chapter 9-11 that the light bulb grew brighter in my mind and I was able to understand more of your concepts of the authentic self and how to find it within myself. I am sure I will re-read many of your approaches to discernment and finding the authentic self.more

     This manuscript was an easy read, giving one a lot to meditate on. I feel this book will help many people understand themselves and continue to grow. I also enjoyed your reference to our Founding Fathers, enlightened man. I hope the country can return to that state of mind.

                                                                    Female, age 62

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