How To Make Your 50s The Best Decade Yet


We are a youth obsessed culture, right? Then why are older people so much happier?

Older people are the happiest. Research study after research study consistently confirms this. Many are surprised by this but every survey confirms it. The results hold up even when people have financial or health difficulties. People in their 50s have many advantages. Most will have established their families and friendship networks. Economic stability, or a path to get there, are more likely to be determined. Illness and disability are still decades away. We have a much better idea of who we are and what we want and what makes us happy.

We're Looking Pretty Good Too!   

By 50, most of us have figured out how to dress well and have learned that we have to eat right and exercise to keep healthy. We don’t all achieve that perfectly, but we know we should and we keep trying. Hair color, cosmetic procedures, lotions and potions are not only just for women anymore. We have learned about sunscreen and the skin damage and cancer risk of unprotected skin. Sunscreen keeps wrinkles at bay and helps to maintain a youthful appearance. We have had much better education about the risks of smoking and rates of smoking continue to decline, improving our appearance.

Through the 1970s people in their 50s still dressed and acted and felt old. Now it is easy to be stylish at the age of 50. We may not wear short shorts, or bikinis, or midriff baring clothes, but with even a little effort we can look attractive and sexy despite bodies that are not rock hard and full of unlimited energy. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans became a top selling brand catering to mature women with figures that were not the same as their teenagers, but who still wanted to look hip and fashionable.

Self Knowledge Is Key

Life has a good way of teaching us what makes sense for us. With experience we get better at avoiding mistakes, saying the wrong thing, making friends with the wrong people. We may have tried drugs are used too much alcohol when younger, but work and family obligations tend to temper that kind of over-indulgence by 50. Keep Reading...

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