What Is My Mission In Life?

When you are confused and not sure of what you are doing, it is always a good exercise to revisit your purpose, vision and mission. Those three statements ground us and give us the reason for going on.

F.E.A.R. or false evidence appearing real creeps into our lives when we lack purpose. Faith overcomes fear, and knowing specifically what you want and creating a plan to obtain it doesn't allow fear to enter to begin with.

Purpose is why we are here. People have been asking why are we here for centuries. When we know on an individual basis it gives us the drive to continue on our quest even when things go against us. It is important to note that purpose has nothing to do with us as an individual and has everything to do with the "big picture".

Vision is how we see the world.

Mission is the action step(s) that we will take to accomplish our purpose.

Let me give you an example. Dr. Martin Luther King had a purpose. His purpose was to unite whites and blacks and to elevate his race. His vision was that he saw whites and blacks living together in a happy and peaceful world. His mission was to accomplish his goals by passive resistance. Notice in this example his purpose had nothing to do with him personally. It wasn't to get him fame or fortune personally. It was about the bigger picture of uniting and elevating mankind. His purpose allowed him to go on even when things got rough. His life and his family's life was threatened. It still did not deter him. Even when he knew that he would be assassinated he still pushed on. That is the power of purpose.

Many times when I consult with a client they will tell me that they are tired and lack focus. The first thing I have them do is to start to work on purpose, vision and mission statements. The exercise is often a challenge for them, but the end result is quite rewarding.

Often people mistake their purpose and make it personal. I want to be a good dad, or I want to get good grades is not a purpose. It may be part of your mission; remember your purpose is bigger than you as an individual.

I am often asked "what are the keys to success?" My standard answer is persistence and consistency. You must develop high standards of excellence. How many days of practice do you think an olympic gold medal winner misses? What if it was raining, or his back hurt, or whatever reason can come up, do you think he would miss practice? How many times do other things get in the way of your accomplishing your goals?

Probably the most important aspect in knowing your mission in life is to be happy. If you love what you do, you will be good at it. Make everyday fun, special and rewarding and your mission will be achieved.