Why He's Terrified To Love You — And How You Can Make It All Okay

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fear of engulfment and intimacy
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Emotional intimacy is one of the most wonderful experiences we ever have.

Nothing else really comes close to the experience of sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings with another, of being deeply seen and known, of sharing love, passion, creativity, laughter and joy.

The experience of intimacy fills our souls and takes away our loneliness.

Why, then, would someone be afraid of intimacy?

It is not actually the intimacy itself that people fear. If people could be guaranteed that intimacy would continue to be a positive experience, they would have no fear of it.

What they fear is the possibility of getting hurt as a result of being intimate with another.

The two fears underlying the fear of intimacy:

Many people have two major fears that may cause them to avoid intimacy:

1. The fear of rejection — of losing the other person.


2. The fear of engulfment — of being invaded, controlled and losing oneself.

Because many of us have learned to react to conflict with various controlling behaviors — from anger and blame to compliance, withdrawal, and resistance — every relationship presents us with these issues of rejection and engulfment.

If one person gets angry, the other may feel rejected or controlled and get angry back, give themselves up, withdraw or resist.

If one person shuts down, the other may feel rejected and become judgmental, which may trigger the other's fears of engulfment, and so on.

These protective circles exist in one form or another in most relationships.

When the fears of rejection and engulfment become too great, a person may decide that it is just too painful to be in a relationship and they avoid intimacy altogether.

Yet avoiding relationships leads to loneliness and lack of emotional and spiritual growth. Relationships offer us the most powerful arena for personal growth, if we accept this challenge.

So what moves us beyond the fear of intimacy?

Healing the fear of intimacy:

The fear exists, not because of the experience itself, but because you don't know how to handle the situations of being rejected or controlled.

The secret of moving beyond the fear of intimacy lies in developing a powerful loving adult part of you that learns how to not take rejection personally, and learns to set appropriate limits against engulfment.

When you learn how to take personal responsibility for defining your own worth instead of making others' love and approval responsible for your feelings of worth, you will no longer take rejection personally.

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This does not mean that you will ever like rejection — it means you will no longer be afraid of it and have a need to avoid it.

When you learn how to speak up for yourself and not allow others to invade, smother, dominate and control you, you will no longer fear losing yourself in a relationship.

Many people, terrified of losing the other person, will give themselves up in the hope of controlling how the other person feels about them.

They believe that if they comply with another's demands, the other will love them. Yet losing oneself is terrifying, so many people stay out of relationships due to this fear. If they were to learn to define their own worth and stand up for themselves, the fear would disappear.

When you deeply value yourself, you do not take rejection personally and become non-reactive to rejection. When you value yourself, you will not give yourself up to try to control another's feelings about you.

When you value yourself, you are willing to lose another rather than lose yourself.

Start to learn Inner Bonding now, to heal your fear of intimacy and fear of engulfment. Moving beyond these fears will open you to the deep personal and spiritual growth that relationships can provide, and the profound fulfillment and joy that loving relationships can offer. Take advantage of our free Inner Bonding eCourse and take our 12-Week eCourse, “The Intimate Relationship Toolbox” .