3 Awesome Benefits Of "Sexercising" That Make It A Better Workout

You don't need a membership to "sexercise," and it burns more calories than going to the gym!

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Common sense tells us that sex is exercise. By the time you have finished you are both hot, sweaty and exhausted. Sometimes, you get those day-after muscle pains that make you wonder. Then, with a flirty flush of awareness, you remember why you are achy.

Researchers around the globe have published numerous reports on the health benefits of sex. The reports show that sex decreases stress, boosts the immune system, burns calories, produces good endorphins and promotes better sleep. 


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So, how does "sexercise" work and how can it benefit you?

1. "Sexercise" is physically good for you.

Sex isn't just fun, it's good for your body, too. The act of increasing your heart rate and exerting energy can lower blood pressure and chances of a heart attack. This can mean less stress and a happier state of being.

Sex also releases happy hormones called endorphins that stimulate cells in the immune system, which appears to help ward off cancer, diminish wrinkles and increase your ability to fight infections.



Recent evidence suggests that men who ejaculate frequently, or at least five times per week, can experience a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

For women, intercourse and vibrators help keep the vaginal tissues supple.

For both sexes, the saying "use it or lose it" holds true. Here's some calorie counting information for you to think about. The calorie count estimation is based on a range of results from multiple websites.

Here's how many calories these "sexercise" activities burn:

  • Kissing burns 60-70 calories per hour
  • Sex burns 80-150 calories per hour
  • Oral sex burns 80-120 calories per half hour
  • Intimate dancing burns 80 –130 calories per hour

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On the other hand, here's how these normal exercise routines stack up:

  • A punching bag burns 200-250 calories per half hour
  • Rowing burns 100-120 calories per half hour
  • Jogging burns 200-300 calories per half hour
  • Yoga burns 70-95 calories per half hour

2. "Sexercise" benefits your looks and your attitude.

"Sexercising" makes you healthier and happier, while positively affecting your attitude and looks. Assuming you are also leading an active lifestyle and consuming a healthy diet, there is no reason why you cannot expect to notice your skin starting to look better, your hair looking shinier or that you carry an overall positive outlook toward life.

Being healthy and active makes you a better employee, a better friend, and a better partner because it makes you a better person. Significant studies show that people who are in good long-term relationships, including sexual ones, tend to live longer and healthier lives.


Good sex is about more than penetration. It involves touch, connection, and communication. Sex stimulates the brain and raises self-esteem. Simply sharing an intimate moment with your partner can have a calming affect on the mind. You will also develop a glow that makes those around you smile. You secretly know why and they may too.

3. "Sexercise" is easy to fit into your schedule.

There are tons of ways for you to bring "sexercise" into the bedroom. Kissing and touching are great ways to burn calories. Sensual massages relax the body and strengthen intimate bonds. Switching positions allows you to target multiple muscle groups.



Though you may no longer be an acrobat in the bedroom, you can still be creative, innovative and think outside of the box. It doesn't matter how you do it, just that you're doing it. It is certainly an easier commute than going to the gym and you don't need a membership.

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Dr. Dorree Lynn is a three-time best selling author and psychologist in the Washington D.C. area. She runs a successful psychotherapy practice and also created FiftyandFurthermore, a website for people over fifty looking to find love again and celebrate themselves. If you have any questions for her, you can contact her here. She'd love to talk to you, and she's happy to help!