Treat Your Relationship Like A Business!

Dr. Adam Sheck, "The Passion Doctor" suggests a different way of viewing your relationship.


Do YOU Treat Your Relationship Like A Business?

And when I ask the question, I don't mean it in a cold or impersonal or emotionless way. What I mean is, are you truly as INVESTED in your relationship as you are in your career or in your business?

Do you take your relationship with your partner as seriously as you take your career? Are you as committed to the long-term success of your relationship as you are committed to your long-term business success?


Do you have a PLAN for you relationship success? Do you have a VISION for you relationship? If you don't, please check out my post Do You Share A Relationship Vision? for more details on how to create one?

Do you spend time each day/week/month taking positive actions in your relationship? Do you set aside time each month or each quarter evaluating your relationship vision and making sure that you are implementing your plan for a successful relationship?

A business doesn't become successful just because you start it. Why would you possibly believe that your relationship will be successful just because you started IT?


Just as a great IDEA isn't enough to make a business successful, LOVE isn't enough to make a relationship successful.

You need a plan, a strategy, and tools. You need to periodically take stock of your relationship and evaluate where it is strong and where it needs improvement. And unfortunately, sometimes it becomes necessary to dissolve the business OR the relationship.

Although over 90% of new businesses fail and over 50% of marriages fail, it IS possible to be successful in either or both.

If you're feeling challenged in your relationship, let me help you. I work with couples in person in my Los Angeles office as well as by telephone and Skype. And believe it or not, the long-distance work seems to be incredibly effective!


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Thank you so much,

Dr. Adam Sheck